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Page 783 -- LXXXVIII.

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Without a doubt, Parson’s connection to this place and to Zeff was the biggest reason why Dergoz was displeased by his presence. Lawrence couldn’t decide if he was pleased that Zeff couldn’t be revived and interrogated.

“We’re keeping his head in cold storage,” said Lawrence. “We’ve been hoping to ship him out of the country, but the Rainlords are watching us too closely. They’ve been searching every vehicle that leaves this building.”

“Ah. And if you tried to take it yourself, they’d seize the castle, instead.”

“Assuming they don’t gang up on me.”

“Right. I suppose I could take it while you hold down the fort.”

We probably shouldn’t remove our one real bargaining chip from the table,’ said Overra. ‘If worse comes to worst, we may need it.

“True. What about the Elroy kid? You have both him and his reaper, right?”

“Yes. They have already been interrogated, but if you would like to do it yourself, I will arrange a room for you.”

“Maybe. Haven’t decided yet.”

What of Gema Elroy?’ said Dergoz. ‘Any developments?

No. Apparently, she just disappeared. Even the watchers haven’t been able to track her down. The only thing that seems clear is that she must have someone helping her.

They could be hiding her in Aguarey,’ said Dergoz.

Doubtful. We’re fairly certain that she’s still in Intar somewhere. But it’s always possible that she slipped past our net.

“Invading Aguarey without rock solid intel would be a gigantic mistake,” said Parson.

Yes, of course.’

Tell me,’ said Overra, ‘have any of the Rainlords sided with us?

Lawrence shook his head. “None in Sair, no. The Blackburns are the only one who haven’t declared for either side.”

The Blackburns, huh? Now, that is interesting. I think Parson and I will go talk to them.

Are you kidding?’ said Dergoz. ‘They might take you prisoner!

Parson shrugged. “Eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Dergoz kept his sigh private. ‘How in the world did this man become a captain general?

Chapter Eighty-Eight: ‘The land that breeds austerity...’
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Hector had never been on a plane before, much less an international one--or royal one. He didn’t think that the Lumenbel family’s private jet was providing him with a very typical first experience. Something about the giant seats and minibar tipped him off.

Their entourage was extremely small. It really was just him, Garovel, Meriwether, Lynn, and a pair of pilots on board. He supposed any extra bodyguards for the Prince would have just meant more people for Hector and Lynn to protect, but he had at least been expecting a couple more ambassadors to come along.


  1. Typos:

    "If worse comes to worse, we [made] need it."

    "Even the watchers haven’t been able to [tracker] her down."

    "Lawrence couldn’t decide [] he was pleased that Zeff couldn’t be revived and interrogated."

    I'm not sure about this, but it sounds to me like this sentence is missing a word, "if" or "whether" (never could tell them apart anyway.)

  2. Just wondered: Can reapers survive in space?
    Which then made me wonder: Are they affected by gravity? Because earth is moving through space at a rediculously fast speed....

  3. WOW i hate the vanguard they are acting like they are doing nothing wrong when they are turning against there allies I hope they all die. Muhahahah

  4. "Turning against their allies" is such an ugly phrase. It's more like "they're having a small and not-at-all-traitorous disagreement about what the term 'allies' means."

  5. They must think that allies are the same as vassals then as in they are subservient to them and not at all on equal footing.


  7. Space Marine BeckaAugust 11, 2014 at 1:48 PM

    I wonder why they are so desperate to find Gema and why they are so sure her family are lying, (From the reader's perspective we know this is wrong but it hasn't even occurred to them that her father might have been telling the truth. They must have a reason for assuming that).

  8. I really like the web novel keep up the good work :)

  9. Didn't they mention that if they didn't know where Gema was then they could just use them as bait to lure her?

  10. Got 'em, thank you. Very much appreciated, Ankou.