Saturday, August 23, 2014

Page 800

It was no coincidence that all seven of his esteemed peers were male. Kurosi law plainly forbid women from holding positions of political power. It was often conflated as a law of all Sandlords, but it really was a regional matter. Asad had lived in Kuros for nearly twenty years now, and at this point, his youth spent growing up in Moaban seemed almost like someone else’s life, but he still clearly remembered his mother being the unquestionable head of Hahl Najir when she was alive. It was difficult to imagine her bending to anyone else’s will, regardless of what the law might have told her.

Asad pulled down his red hood, revealing his bald head to the audience. His tattoos extended there as well, four black lines inked into the naturally dark tan of his bare pate. Such were all of his tattoos--nothing but ornate lines across his whole body, all bearing intermittent protrusions that looked vaguely like tiny thorns or knots. They’d become something of a cosmetic nuisance as he’d grown older, thinning and stretching over time, but he was entirely unashamed of showing them off.

“My fellow lords,” Asad began in Valgan, “you know what I am here to say. I am unsure of how else I can convince you. It is painfully obvious that our country, our comrades, and our people have all found themselves in the sudden grip of danger and war. I firmly believe that inaction during this time is a mistake, and I urge you to support our western brothers before it is too late.”

An audible snort rose from the far left side of the desk, pulling Asad’s eyes to Lord Hamza of Hahl Dagher. A thin man, his ivory robes nearly swallowed him whole, offering only a small view of the man’s sharp nose and gray eyes. “‘Western brothers’?” he said. “You overstate our relationship with the wet monkeys.”

“We share the name of our land with them,” said Asad. “We share our people and the responsibility that accompanies them. And financially, they are our brethren as much as any lord here.”

“Sharing a war against the Vanguard is not the same thing as sharing food and money for our subjects,” said Lord Abbas of Hahl Saqqaf. He was the oldest person in the room, though it hardly showed. The few gray streaks in his dark beard were quite faint, and his sky blue gaze didn’t match his weathered features, making him look somehow younger.


  1. ty for the new page namesake
    And Blade if you see this post could you offer me something as interesting as TZK, Stellar transformation or Ark
    ps have in mind that i have read japtem


    about 20 light novels fantasy. some vrmmo's etc

  3. Frightening how quickly I caught up with this; over a year's worth of writing, read in less than a week!

    My only complaint would be that the character's all have a far too similar sense of humor.

  4. "He was the oldest person the room,..."
    Should probably be "He was the in oldest person the room"

  5. spread the wealth.

  6. your welcome we all be a brother or sister hood of fantasy ;lovers here. :P

  7. That's often the hardest thing to write, I think, because it depends a lot on what the author finds amusing, and most people like a particular brand of humour the best.

    Also, if you mean the nonchalant rude reaper humour, I think Frost said somewhere that that's partly a method of coping with simultaneous immortality and impotence except through a servant.

  8. Frost isn't that bad, I think. I've read series where it's kinda noticeable that while writing THIS book, the author was in the mood for this or that kind of joke, because completely separate characters living in completely different parts of the world start making similar cracks, and in the next book it's going to be something a bit different.

  9. Thanks for reading. Glad you've enjoyed it so far.

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  11. 'Kurosi law plainly forbid women' --> should be forbade, I think. And I always hate those kind of arrogant fools, no matter the story in which they appear.

  12. Strangely, forbid and forbade are both usable in the simple past tense.

  13. Really?? Like learnt and learned or something... Strange language, English is. Very strange.

  14. Comes from being made up entirely of words and syntactic elements that other languages woke up in a bathtub full of ice and realized they were missing.