Saturday, August 2, 2014

Page 773

Rather than answering, Hector merely leaned on the nearest wall for support.

Huh,’ said Garovel. ‘Um. Okay. I’m guessing you don’t intend to tell her how you feel.

Of course not. Are you kidding me?

That’s fine, then. If you don’t plan on confessing, then there’s really nothing to be freaking out about, is there?

Hector squinted and scratched his forehead.

Just remain calm and collected. She’s not going to figure it out unless you tell her, and it’s not like I’m going to tell her, either. Your secret is perfectly safe. Just remember, you’ve dealt with many high-pressure situations before. You can handle a normal conversation with Lynn.

Uh... you’re not gonna try to convince me to confess? That’s what everyone says to do, isn’t it? Don’t drag things out, ‘cuz it just gets... er... more painful over time or some shit like that?

Well. Ideally, you would do that as soon as possible and see what happens, but--and you can correct me if I’m wrong about this--but I suspect that a physical relationship with someone would be a very big deal for you. It’s a big deal for most people, obviously; I’m just saying it’d be even more so for you.


Because you’re just such a special snowflake, Hector.

Fuck you...

The reaper laughed again. ‘You understand what I’m saying, though, right? You’re very young, and so is she. And given your social difficulties, I wouldn’t want you to rush into anything. You can if you want to, though. Just let me know, and I’ll advise you as best I can in that regard.

Y-you’re talking like I don’t even have to worry about being rejected...

Oh, rejection would make things so much simpler. Hector, if she rejected you, yes, it would suck, but then you could move on and stop worrying about your feelings for her, because you’d know that nothing could ever come of them.

Eh... I don’t think it’d be that easy for me, Garovel...

I think you’d be surprised. Rejection is very straightforward. No one likes it, but it’s way less complicated than acceptance.


  1. Awww. And so true, about rejection.

  2. Mr. Frost takes complex feelings and simplifies them nicely.

  3. Rejection is scary but finding out someone you have a crush on is only human is probably worse. Are you in love with the person or the idea of the person. What I am getting at is Hector does not really know Lynn outside of combat situations.

  4. All caught up! And now I'm torn between being happy and wanting more already. I'm looking forward to how this plot line develops, and very grateful that all evidence I've seen indicates George is an extremely dedicated, prolific writer. Keep 'em coming, please!

  5. I love Garovel's attitude. He's very chill about the situation and his millenia of observing human nature. Hector has definitely hit jackpot for his reaper buddy.

  6. That's why I only have crushes on horses.


  7. What a snarky jerkass. You gotta love that guy.

  8. Yeah, ask any takes work. But hey, how many boyfriends have a three thousand year old adviser on their shoulder?

  9. Not much to add other than this page and the last please me. Let's see how this goes.