Monday, August 4, 2014

Page 775

Lynn just leaned against the doorframe and folded her arms. She had a new eye patch, Hector realized. This one was white like her cloak, and it made the bronzy flesh tones of her face stand out all the more. And with her deeply black hair, her Intarian heritage had never been more apparent.

Hector was losing his humor now as he very successfully tried not to stare at her.

Ask her what brings her here,’ Garovel told him.

“Uh... w-what brings you to Warrenhold?”

“Her Highness gave me a mission and told me to ask you for your assistance.”

“Oh.” He cleared his throat. “What kind of mission?”

“I’m escorting Prince Meriwether to Sair. He and I both have business there. His is more urgent than mine, though.”

Sair?’ said Garovel. ‘Hmm.

“What do you... er, why do you need my help?”

“You’d be my backup,” she said. “Sair is a little unstable right now, so Her Highness said I should take someone else along if possible. But Roman is out of the country, and if I took Harper, then there wouldn’t be anyone in Sescoria capable of guarding the Queen. That leaves you. So here I am.”

“Ah... you could have just called.”

“And give you the chance to run away from me again? I don’t think so.”

Hector winced. He’d hoped she’d forgotten about that.

“Why did you run away? It’s been bothering me.”

Garovel, help...

Tell her you had a poop-related emergency.

Hector’s eyes widened, and he rubbed his forehead in order to hide his expression. ‘Are you fucking kidding?! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

Is it stupid? Or is it genius?

It’s stupid!

Well, phrase it more diplomatically, then. Don’t say you almost shat yourself. Say you had an upset stomach.


Quickly now. She’s waiting for an answer.

He grit his teeth. “I... uh... I had... ah...”

She stepped a little closer. “You...?”

“I... I had an upset stomach, so... I kinda... uh... needed to leave.” He chanced a look, but he couldn’t tell if she was buying it or not.


  1. THERE IT IS!! I'v been waiting to see what would bring Hector to Sair.

  2. Let the awkward meeting of reaper siblings commence!

  3. Poop related emergency roflmfao

  4. HAHAH, talk about a cliff hanger... ending the chapter with a poop hanger? Next chapter will start out with a sentence containing the word "Uranus", right?

  5. Now comes the moment when we find out if she has feelings for him.
    If she looks disappointed next page, it means she was hoping for "something else". Or she was just disappointed that he let something like an upset stomach control his behaviour.

  6. Can he even get an upset stomache. Does he even poop

  7. Pretty sure he does. Despite the "Zombie" title, Hector has normal bodily functions when Garovel isn't messing with them.

  8. Typo:
    "And with [with] her deeply black hair,"

  9. Yeah but he regenerates naturally so he can't get sick or anything.

  10. Missed this somehow. Fixed now, though. Thanks, Ankou.

  11. Wow, I'm just imagining if he actually just repeated Garovel's words instead of thinking about them first. The idea of telling a crush you had a "poop-related emergency" would just be priceless.

  12. Garovel is actually really really bad at excuses isn't he?

  13. Family reunion incoming

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    wouldn't he be like...