Thursday, August 28, 2014

Page 805

“Was it scary, fighting so many servants at once?” asked Marcos.

“...A little.”

“Why did you have to fight them?” asked Ramira.

Dimas turned to his reaper, the blue wisp floating over his shoulder.

Don’t look at me,’ said Iziol. ‘If I tell the story, Ramira won’t hear it.

Dimas’ face remained entirely unreadable as he turned back to his young audience. “...They were attacking a village. I stopped them.”

Wow,’ said Iziol. ‘I think they were hoping for a bit more detail.

“...It was snowing.”

They waited in vain for him to continue.

“What a conversationalist,” said Diego Redwater. He lay on the couch across from Dimas with his hands behind his head.

Dimas had no retort.

Diego was a man of his early thirties, if appearance was to be trusted, sporting a simple blue t-shirt and gray shorts. He was one of the very few Rainlords with red hair, which he kept in short curls. His reaper hovered over him. YangĂ©ra was her name, but Emiliana hadn’t heard her say a single word so far. Not that the reaper needed to. Diego was vocal enough for the both of them. “C’mon, Marcos. Why don’t you ask me about some of my great deeds? I’ve got all sorts of stories.”

Marcos smirked and looked back at Dimas. “Do you think you could beat up Diego?”


Diego sat up. “Whoa, whoa, whoa...”

Their conversation gained a bit of vigor after that, but Emiliana had already lost interest and stopped listening. Instead, she just let her mind wander as she stared out across the waves in the dreary blue horizon.

Her thoughts drifted to the monster she saw before. Or hallucination. Or whatever that thing was. She’d asked both Chergoa and Shenado about it, but neither one could tell her anything. She was still trying to decide if she should ask someone else, trying to decide if she really wanted to know the answer.

The more troubling possibility had certainly crossed her mind. She might genuinely be going crazy. The mutation ability could do that, couldn’t it? She could have accidentally mutated a part of her brain when her power manifested. The horns on her face--two of them were right there on her forehead. It seemed entirely possible that they might have grown not just out from her skull but also into it. And if that was the case, then the horns could have done... something to her brain. Changed it. Broken it.


  1. Bwahahaha.
    I love how Dimas responds to Marcus about Diego.

  2. It occurs to me that servants cannot have genetic disorders corrected, though I suppose that most physical ailments become irrelevant when you're immortal.

  3. wait, what do reapers look like to Emiliana?

  4. Character page says: " She sees reapers as fiery blue wisps."

  5. Wow, it's getting really crowded in the comment section... lots of new faces around here. :)

    Is it just me or do Diego and Dimas just beg to be shipped together?

    So Diego has red hair, which seems to be very common among Abolish servants, and you're drawing special attention to it. Very interesting.

    Also, some word things:
    "Diego was a man of his early thirties"
    Did you really mean to write "of his"? I don't think it's incorrect, but "in his early thirties" sounds way more familiar.

    "He was one [of] the very few Rainlords with red hair"

  6. Yeah, first one is as intended. Second one is fixed now, thanks.

  7. please do not ship characters, especially Dimas.

  8. Finally caught up! Really enjoying the story, keep it up!

  9. Why yaoi shipping? Why?? They both seem awesome, but dear god why ship them...

  10. What is it with the shipping hate here? I'm not a slasher, but I'd say whatever floats your boat. I don't know, these two just jumped out at me. From this little interaction, they seem to be complete opposites, are somwhat competitive and probably know each other well enough.

  11. Why not? A couple hundred pages ago, everyone was very into shipping Hector/Lynn. We were even trying to come up with crack pairings. It's just a bit of fun, playing around in the world Mr. Frost created. He never seemed to mind.

  12. Yeah, I got no problem with shipping of any kind.

  13. Yeah, and I like the both of them well enough too. But until Frost writes a legit gay couple (which I would wholeheartedly support if it makes sense in the context of the story), I'd prefer them to just be seen as friends. I have some rather negative experiences with shippers :p sorry about that

  14. Sorry to hear that you've had negative experiences with shippers. I will keep shipping thoughts to myself from now on, I really didn't mean to offend anyone.

  15. I most certainly know you didn't, and I suppose I'm not completely immune myself so I'm not one to judge others. I'm just a bit sensitive to some, because I know how difficult it is when people keep taking people who are just friends for a couple, and I know that some authors find it quite vexing (although the cpmmments say Frost isn't one of those). You're free to ship as much as you want, it's just me being difficult I guess :)

  16. or added new things to it :)

  17. Thought of this when she first saw the beast, but is there a possibility that Gohvis can monitor other mutation types somehow? Telepathically? And only the servants would be able to see him? Or perhaps it's a special type of creature only mutation types can see? Probably something to do with her eye? I can't remember if anyone other than Emiliana has seen the creature, so I'm basing my thought on that.