Sunday, August 31, 2014

Page 808

Shenado was the one to speak up next. ‘If you have proof of your claim, then present it now. Otherwise, fuck off back to your marshes.

Everyone looked at her.

Emiliana was more than a little surprised by the reaper’s aggressive language. She’d barely heard anyone use the f-word before, and Shenado had just dropped it in front of Marcos like it was no big deal.

Have we done something to offend you?’ asked Melchor’s reaper.

Yes,’ said Shenado. ‘If you wanted to look after the children, you should have discussed it with Octavia, Rayen, and Xuan beforehand. Instead, you decided to come here while they are busy defending the Rainlords’ honor--something your family elected not to participate in.

There was no time. We only received word of Parson’s assault twenty minutes ago. We would have called, but we feared it being intercepted.

Emiliana watched Shenado’s burning eyes narrow.

I understand that you may be suspicious of us,’ the other reaper went on, ‘but please, try to see reason. Don’t allow Mariana’s death to cloud your judgment. The children’s lives--

The flames of Shenado’s cerulean body flared up. ‘I have already asked you to provide proof. Seeing as you have not done so, when will you be fucking off? I hope it is soon.

“We are only trying to help,” said Melchor.

If that’s true, then you can wait outside the castle,’ said Shenado. ‘And when Parson arrives, you will be close enough to assist us.

You’re being unreasonable--

I do not believe I am.’ Shenado looked to one of the Redwaters behind Melchor. ‘Send word to Octavia of this supposed assault. Let’s see what she and the others think about it.

The servant nodded and made for the door.

Melchor’s reaper vanished into his body. The man’s eyes became silvery marbles, dark with a metallic luster, and in an instant, the floor and walls were all covered with metal. “We did not come here to fight,” said Melchor, apparently still quite conscious. His voice, however, was suddenly different, because it wasn’t just his. Emiliana could hear his reaper speaking in unison. Two voices, one aloud and one in her head. “Please reconsider.”

The metal beneath her feet was whiter than that of the man’s eyes, she noticed, and after a moment, she realized that it was frozen.

Mercury,’ Chergoa assessed privately, calm as ever. ‘Get to Ramira. It’ll be hazardous to her if it melts.


  1. 'Shenado had just dropped in front of' --> dropped [it] in front of? Not sure :p Anyway, mercury should be interesting. This seems like a repeat of the previous assault so far, but Melchor made a more favorable first impression on me tbh

  2. Got it, thanks.

    Yes, it is similar. And that has not escaped Shenado's notice. And yet, at the same time, the circumstances are also reversed.

  3. Sounds like a hyper state to me. They are SO fucked.

    "you will be close enough [to] assist us."

  4. Pan-forma! He's combining Integration, Materialisation, and Alteration to turn the rock into mercury that he has continuous control over!

  5. Interesting. I wouldn't want to host TZK on another site, though. Links would be great, of course, but I don't think that's the type of that an author can reasonably request anyone to include.

  6. Actually I'm pretty sure you can. Baka-Tsuki is simply a group of readers who want to have all the reading material that might interest them centralized in one area. There are many groups who simply make the chapter links, link back to their own site rather than creating new pages on baka-tsuki to host them.

    Take for example. Two groups are translating it from Japanese. One group is rushing it and butchering the original authors careful wording, another is trying to translate it as accurately as possible. The second is hosting it on their own website and leaving links to it on baka-tsuki. The second group being Nana-Desu.

  7. That's sorta what I mean, though. It's maintained by readers. I'm not a reader.

  8. You probably know this by now, but the reason you've been getting so many more viewers is because your series has become popular with the people who read Japanese manga and light novels.

    Is where the initial recommendation came from I believe. If you're interested in better utilizing this audience, you can probably get the admins to let you post links to your website on which has recently been expanding its horizons and hosting original English language novels such as Mother of Learning.