Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Page 777 -- LXXXVII.

“Full potential?” said Hector. “Oh, so... you’re going there to get stronger?”

“That’s the hope.”

What do you think, Hector?’ said Garovel. ‘Want to go with them?

Hector turned away from Lynn and rubbed his neck as he eyed the opposite doorway. ‘I really DON’T, actually.

Why not?

Because it means I’d... I’d have to be around... her.

But I thought you really liked her.

Yeah! That’s why I don’t wanna be near her!

I’m not sure you understand what “like” means, Hector.

Ergh, I need an excuse to stay here...

Sure, Hector. It’s no big deal. The woman you care about is venturing into a volatile country where she’ll probably face all kinds of danger. There are bound to be many innocent people there in need of help, as well. And this Haqq Najir fellow probably has all sorts of useful information. Not to mention that you’d be helping your country and that the Queen requested it. But y’know, just forget all that. It’s obviously more important that we stay here so that you can... help some construction workers do their jobs slightly faster.

I... I stopped a murder the other day...

And that was very good, Hector. Gold star for you.

He looked at Garovel, then back at Lynn. ‘...Dammit.

Chapter Eighty-Seven: ‘Thy bitter heart, bear down...’
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Despite how spacious it was, Vanessa Goffe’s private chamber was almost full. Boxes from the old home in Brighton had arrived a few days ago. Most of them, she didn’t know what to do with. Part of her just wanted to burn everything and forget about it, but her less impulsive side fought against that notion.

There was still no electricity. According to Madame Carthrace, the new generator would arrive in a few days, but Vanessa wasn’t terribly bothered about it. She’d always liked candlelight well enough. It reminded her of her childhood. The quieter moments of it, at least.

Without a working television to occupy her attention, Vanessa had taken to reading. It didn’t really matter what the book was, nor did it matter if she retained any of it. Just the distraction of fresh words in her mind was enough. This current one about war during the last century was a morbid bore through the majority of its pages, but the part about the Jungle Wars managed to hold her interest. She recalled Mr. Norez mentioning them at their dinner with the Queen.


  1. Okay, folks. Some changes going on here.

    First of all, I've reworked the donation bonus system to be a little easier on me. Reducing the number of bonus pages to 3 per day and spreading them out over seven days. Because of this, you'll start seeing some new donation bonus pages soon.

    And secondly, as a kind of small counterbalance to that, I've decided to up the daily word count to ~400 words from the previous ~350. I've been finding myself reaching 400 words recently anyway, and I like it a little bit better.


  3. What do you think, Hector?’ said Hector. I think its meant to be said Garovel, sorry I don't mean 2 b a grammar Nazi

  4. typo: ‘What do you think, Hector?’ said Hector. ‘Want to go with them?’

    Unless hector now has schizophrenia, which would be fun

  5. You spoil us George

  6. A jackpot is only worth ~50 pages? :(

  7. I'll say it again: ah, Garovel.

  8. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomApril 27, 2015 at 9:03 PM

    that's not really that bad
    Flash, literally killed Bruce, effed up superman's life, murdered billions, and turned everyone in the JL psycho
    so...all in all it could've been worse