Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vol. 2 ebook is now available

Yep. Finally got it out. Volume Two is available for $2.99 at both Smashwords and Amazon. Grab it, if you like. Reviews are particularly welcome. Amazon is all about that kinda shit. It's how books get noticed.

Additionally, Volume One is also available on Amazon now, but I had to price it at $0.99 or it wouldn't publish. So, if you wanna do me small favor, you can go to its Amazon page (here), and click the "tell us about a lower price" link in the Product Details category. From there, you have to provide the url of the Smashwords page (which is here) and then type "0.00" into the pricing thing. Bit of a hassle, I know, but it's the only way to make the first volume free to download on Amazon. I hear the price change can take weeks to go through, but hopefully, if more folks do it, it'll happen faster. Maybe.

Also, I put up a new page a little while ago, in case you missed it. Thanks for reading, everybody.


  1. Done.
    Thanks for sharing the books.

  2. Do go through and do a spelling etc edit when you're formatting the ebooks, or do you just stitch all the pages together?

  3. I try to do a last edit before I upload it, but I'm pretty sure that I still end up missing things. Like when Garovel said "...but that's easier said THAT done" in Vol 2's first fucking chapter. Which I only noticed like an hour ago. And now I gotta upload a new version to both sites, which takes forever to process. Goddammit.

    This is why I really appreciate typo catches 'n shit.

    I'm not gonna upload a whole new version for each and every typo fix, though. I'll just keep a list of catches, and if starts getting too long, I'll upload again.

  4. If this behemoth of a story gets long enough, you might want to hire a editor to run a fine-toothed comb through the whole thing and tug out the snarls, but in terms of plot, character, pacing, etc. I'm not saying this isn't a great story - it is - but it's still a first draft in many ways. I'd gladly pay a lot more to have access to an edited, novelized format.

    Though, that would certainly take at least six months of correspondence, rewriting, evaluating, and occasionally despairing. And it would be expensive. Plus it would be much less necessary, because you clearly plan the structure of the story very well.

    Still, it would crank up the quality, especially in the early bits, a lot.

    Y'know, if you win the lottery or something, or get a publishing deal.

  5. That's dedication. I have read some seriously disjointed ebooks. Wait until volume 6 then republish the first 5 volumes after polishing them up a bit. You could sell them separately and or as 2 omnibus vol1-3 and then 4-6.
    Plenty of time to polish them up later on especially since you would have matured as a writer and gained in popularity.
    One option is giving free copies of the ebook to people in return for free editing before publishing given that after formatting there could be errors.

  6. Solution: Use a homebrewed captcha requiring users to do a line edit of several random pages from TZK in order to post comments here. That or just add "copyedit three pages" to the daily writing routine.

    (please don't actually do the first one)

  7. It would be the easiest captcha I have seen. I have to refresh captcha like 10 times and then just hope for the best sometimes I get it wrong.

  8. I have decided to take a break and let several pages accumulate so I can go crazy and read them all in 1 go.
    I'm intending 1 month but we'll see how well that actually goes.

  9. lol good luck with that.