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Page 742

Lynnette pursed her lips at the man. “Well, I’m glad you’re not upset.”

“Oh, you can blame that on Darsihm. I used to be a real stick in the mud--not very lenient or understanding of other folks’ plights. But as I get older, I find his laidback disposition to be a more agreeable means of continuing through this dimly lit passage we here call existence.”

Lynnette just kind of looked at him.

Harper returned a chuckle. “Pardon my sophistry.”

“I suppose what I want to know most is whether or not I should expect any kind of drawbacks to wearing this gauntlet. So far, it’s been surprisingly easy to control.”

“Aha. Wondering what the catch is, huh? As far as I know, there isn’t one.” A beat passed, and then Harper added, “Well, apart from not being able to take it off.”

“So there really is no way to remove it?”

“Not without taking your arm with it. Oh, and I guess that leads to another downside, doesn’t it? Certain folks will try to kill you for it. Because it’s so rare and powerful, you see.”

“Right... Do you know why it can’t be removed normally?”

“That’s an easy one: because it’s not just bound to your arm. It’s also bound to your soul. It gives your soul physical weight relative to your own body. Like superglue. Except not really. In fact, forget I made that analogy. I suck at analogies. Dunno why I even tried.”


“Oh, and another downside I forgot about. Er--sort of. You might consider it a good thing, I guess.”

She waited with a disjointed expression.

“You can’t have kids,” said Harper. “Your living shadow will prevent your eggs from being fertilized.”

Lynnette’s eye widened.

“It’s weirdly sexist, too, because when it’s bound to a man, the shadow doesn’t prevent the guy’s sperm from fertilizing an egg. I guess it’s a matter of protection versus penetration? Or maybe it just has to do with bodily proximity. Very odd either way, if you ask me.”

She still didn’t have a response for him.


  1. stick in he mud > The mud

    of others folks’ plights > other

    And just a point of clarification. he said "protection versus penetration" Does that mean the shadow will cut off a mans penis if he tried to enter her? Or just expel the sperm? that was not made clear.

  2. “Your living shadow will prevent your eggs from being fertilized.”
    Seems pretty clear to me. It prevents the sperm from entering the ovum.

  3. Soul empowered sperm could work.

  4. Part of me thinks Harper's just messing with her from the superglue analogy onwards. He went off track and is now just rolling with it, but i'm sure that isn't the case. Another quick question, does her aberration have a secondary power like geoffrey's dominion? What are the other possible aberration powers anyway? I don't think that was said anywhere.

    Side note/question: is that why you said nothing would really happen to Lynette when I asked if the bone gauntlet being fused to her would change her? Nothing would change because she basically is an aberration already?

  5. Got 'em both, thanks.

    'n yeah, no dick-chopping. It's just sperm 'n egg thing.

  6. Haha. Loving all the discussion on this page so far.

  7. Yeah the idea of having a kid while the shadow demon thingy is hanging out in your body would be terrifying. I'd say the surrogate mother thing would be the way to go if you really wanted to keep the arm. Still I really don't like the thing now.

  8. it was said awhile back that the glove had the power of incineration, but what that in-tales we don't know

  9. It's obvious what needs to happen here. Hector working on his soul empowering abilities? This bit with Lynette ovaries? Coincidences? In this story? Bah. All Hector will need is a good wingman... Roman perhaps?

  10. Weird that the undead can have living babies, but a glove stops her from being able to have kids.

  11. In vitro fertilization should work, in this case. (That is, fertilizing the egg outside of the body.)
    Possibly, there'd need to be a surrogate mother, if the egg is also prevented from taking hold in the uterus, or if the shadow would affect the baby's growth. (Or if Lynette wants to be in fighting shape all the time.)

  12. He already has the Queen as his wingwoman...he just doesn't know it yet. And I'm sure that Garovel will be happy to give advice and laugh at Hector all the way.

    He can, however, mix formula and change diapers. Bonus points for baby care skills?

  13. Not to mention, Hector is planning on asking Reese if Warrenhold affects babies and we all know how she could run with that lol

  14. I immediately thought, "Cut it off! The Goffe Bloodline must be continued!"

  15. ...did not think of that...

  16. T-that...that's just not fair!

    Harper is really taking that lightly, isn't he? You'd think that being a 60-yr old, he'd know to have a bit more tact bout that subject.

    I'd like to know if Lynn's ever gonna be able to see reapers? Like, does the glove need to bond more with her, thus unlocking her Incineration and "the sight"?

  17. I would like to say, all this discussion is hilarious. XD

  18. But I don't ship that couple. Younger guys in the relationship is an automatic meh from me.

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