Friday, June 20, 2014

Page 736

Hector experimented with a few different methods of imagining the moving metal into existence. First, he just tried to envision it as ‘already in motion’ before creation, like Garovel had mentioned. That idea seemed to be the key, making the added velocity possible in the first place. Then, to see if he could increase the speed, he tried imagining the metal as if it were the tip of a spike, growing out of a base that just wasn’t there. He knew that he could create spikes very quickly, so he’d hoped that would have an impact, but if it did, it was negligible.

Now, he was just trying to imagine everything with more precision in his mind. Clarity had always been a big factor in the past, so he figured this was probably no different. He’d been trying to research movement as a whole. He’d never gotten around to taking a physics course in high school, but he wasn’t sure it would have mattered anyway, not without this desire which now possessed him.

It was also of enormous benefit to carefully observe objects in motion. A thrown ball, a dropped ball, a launched ball, their differences mattered, just as the ball itself mattered. Momentum, inertia, weight, surface area--for a subject that seemed so basic and intuitive in nature, he found the mechanics actually quite complicated and engrossing.

Strangely, it didn’t feel like homework, even though he knew that it basically was. Instead, it just felt valuable and necessary--like growth. Plus, it was exciting to think about all the different ways he might be able to apply movement to his metal.

I think I found a good spot,’ said Garovel, bringing Hector back to the task at hand. ‘There’s a small room below the Tower of Day. Seems to be the closest.

Hector soon found the room he was talking about. It was a storage closet, he guessed, assuming they had things like that in ancient times. He couldn’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

Garovel empowered him with strength and pointed at the room’s bottom right corner.


  1. I may be addicted.

  2. U are not the only one

  3. Now, he was jus trying

  4. I like this page a lot. Hector's character has just grown quite a lot in my eyes. I was worried that Hector's lack of a proper education might come back to bite him at some point, but him developing a passion for learning is even better than any kind of standard education would be.

    Missing word:
    "he might [be] able to apply movement to his metal"

  5. I feel the exact same way he is using every advantage to grow his power. Knowledge is power.

  6. Far from the only one. Greetings, by the way

  7. Yes! Actual visible training vs. training that's hinted to. I hate when series do that...