Saturday, June 28, 2014

Page 744

“Ah... well, unfortunately, neither do we. I’ve heard that these items have secondary powers, just like aberrations themselves do, but I’ve only met a handful of people who are actually using them like yourself. And what’s more, I think only two or three of the ones I’ve met had managed to draw the power out. I didn’t think to ask for an explanation as to how they did it. Sorry.”


“Having said that, though, I could point you toward some folks who can tell you more. There’re a few in Callum, but I’m guessing you’d rather not speak to those.”

“Preferably not.”

“Then, I know a fellow named Haqq Najir who’s been studying aberrations since they first started appearing. Crazy smart, that guy. And not a member of the Vanguard, either, so he definitely won’t rat you out for stealing.”

“How do I contact him?”

“I could call him right now, if you like. Knowing him, he’s probably still awake at this hour. Thing is, I’m sure he’ll want to meet you. He’s very... enthusiastic about his research. He’ll probably drop whatever he’s doing and--”

The sight of Prince David caught their attention. He did not seem to be in possession of his usual humor, hardly even acknowledging their presence before proceeding into the Queen’s chambers.

Lynnette eyed Harper. “Perhaps now isn’t the best time.”

“Perhaps not.” Harper placed a hand on the door but didn’t follow David just yet. “I’ll call Haqq in the morning, then. Go get some sleep. You look tired.”

She rubbed below her one eye and squinted. “Will do. And tell me what they’re getting up to in there, yeah?”

“Sure thing.”


Until now, Helen hadn’t had the time for this meeting, nor had she been particularly looking forward to it. She hadn’t seen Luther in person since fleeing Sescoria, but after her conversation tonight with David, Luther had jumped to the top of her priorities.

Luther smiled upon seeing her, David, and Harper approaching. “Ah, there she is. Finally, the prodigal sister deigns to grace me with her presence.”


  1. I'm doing a bit of pre-emptive Lynn/Haqq shipping. He's probably really old though, but who knows. I like smart guy/action girl.

    Also, you switched two words here:
    "I didn’t think to ask for an explanation as [how to] they did it."

  2. Fixed, thank you.

    Killed four of his brothers. Responsible for the plot to kill Helen and plunge Atreya into war. Hates royalty. Imprisoned now but seems to have something up his sleeve, still--something money-related, which David has been investigating.

  3. OH NO!?!?! I've caught up with the writer. Pretty much read this straight through. The premise is fascinating! So looking forward to when Hector can "shoot" iron bullets and cannonballs, hehe.

  4. Haha you will now have to suffer with the rest of us and read a page a day muhahahhah. Quick note though zeff created a gun from ice to use his ice bullets hector might have to do the same plus balls are not that aerodynamic maybe some small darts but hundreds of them from every angle.

  5. Started Friday and I have finally caught up. Kinda wish i hadn't. lol

  6. That's incorrect. Zeff used hand signs to shoot ice bullets (index and middle fingers extended with the other retracted--essentially gun-shaped).

  7. Haha, welcome. Thrilled to have you. <3

  8. Welcome, welcome. Thanks for reading. :)

  9. ooh that's impressive still ice guns are cool too :-{

  10. If hector really gets the physics down he'll materialize iron with both velocity and spin. Quite a curve ball that'll be

  11. I see what you did there

  12. Ugh Luther. One of the humans I dislike the most.