Saturday, June 7, 2014

Page 720

If it’s only a single general and his underlings we have to worry about, then I’m not too concerned,’ said Mevox. ‘Problem is, you Vanguardians like to send reinforcements.

Indeed,’ said Jostomere.

Soon, more Rainlords began to arrive, and Octavia decided to move the conversation upstairs. Mariana still hadn’t set Marcos down or left her daughters alone, wanting the girls to hear everything that was discussed.

Mariana knew that Zeff was well-loved among the other Rainlords, but even so, she was still a bit surprised by everyone’s readiness to support her. Only House Blackburn and House Stroud did not have representatives here today, but among the other eight family heads, none even humored the notion of handing Mariana and her children over to the Vanguard. At first, Mariana thought they were just holding back while in her presence, but more and more, she became convinced that was not the case.

“I can’t believe they had the gall to attack you in your own home,” a lumbering man was saying. He was the largest person in the room by a head and had the bulk of two men put together. Salvador Delaguna was his name, and just like his reaper, he was prone to ‘listening to his passions’ as Octavia had once put it. “We should go to Rheinhal this very moment and demand they return Zeff to us.”

Sounds good to me,’ said Mevox.

Abel Sebolt shook his head. “We all care for Zeff, but let’s not be rash,” he said. The Lord of House Sebolt reminded Mariana of Zeff in many ways. They had the same kind of naturally cold expression, though Abel was slimmer. “We are still immensely outnumbered, you realize.”

“So were our ancestors,” said Joana Cortes.

“Hear hear!” said Salvador.

As they talked, Mariana noticed a maid enter the room and rush to Octavia’s side, whispering in her ear. After a moment, Octavia nodded and whispered something back. The maid exited, and Octavia stood to address everyone.

“I’ve just received word from Asad Najir. Apparently, Axiolis is with him.”

That caught everyone’s attention.

“Zeff?” said Mariana.


  1. that was not that case > not the case.

    “Zeff?” said Mariana. > asked Mariana.

  2. George, you cruel bastard. Why are you so violent to women? Wasn't the first slap in the face with the attack on her house bad enough? Then you slapped her again with one son dying, another with a son kidnapped, and a partial slap with her poor daughter getting mutations. Now your about to slap her in the face again with the news that her husband didn't get away and is now no more than a brain-in-a-jar?
    Violence isn't the answer! (.... Ok, in this case it probably will be....)

  3. Fixed now, thank you.

    For the second one, said and asked are both viable words there. A question can be said or asked. Appreciate the check, as always, though.

  4. Uh... it's... ah... it's not my fault...?

    *it totally is*

  5. She's a woman she can take it, less likely to have a breakdown.

  6. True but she is Going to raise enough hell to more then make up for it


  8. Mutations not all bad! probably... it worked for ghovis?

  9. George, question. If mutations and can't be regenerated hence the problem with the consequences of the mutation ability then what about a virus that causes genetic mutations such as bone growths would that do permanent damage to a servant.

  10. Come to that, is it possible to get body mods after becoming a servant that regeneration won't wipe? Tattoos and piercings and such? Maybe if they got an integration user to help?