Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Page 726

“It’s for the people around us, sir,” Jamal said. “It demonstrates to them that I think you are someone deserving of my respect. And that affects how they see you. For the better, I should hope.”

“Uh... o-okay... but no one else is even awake, right now.”

Jamal paused. “Well, it may also be force of habit, sir.”

Hector smiled meekly and proceeded into the kitchen to grab something to eat. As usual, he was both exhausted and hungry. He still hadn’t replaced his motorcycle yet, so he’d been doing his crime fighting on foot. He’d been trying to develop a more efficient means of getting around using only his materialization. Garovel had a few suggestions for him, but they required considerable practical experience. Hector had taken more than a few bone-breaking tumbles over the last few days.

Gray Rock was a nice city, he thought. The crime here didn’t seem quite as bad as other places, perhaps because the police force was so vigilant. He’d encountered them several times, and while they hadn’t been especially pleased by his presence, he was just happy they weren’t shooting at him. Now that the nationwide manhunt for him had been called off by order of the Queen, Hector hoped to eventually form a working relationship with the Gray Rock Police Department. After two weeks here, he still wasn’t quite sure if that was feasible or not.

As for Warrenhold itself, Madame Carthrace’s troupe of construction workers had already managed to rebuild three of the six aboveground towers. Hector had also offered some assistance on that front, able to save them some time with the heavy lifting. The workers had quickly grown to appreciate Hector’s metal power, as he could use it to create a kind of short-range transport line for huge stacks of materials. He would lay down a long, solid strip of metal, have the materials placed at one end, and then push them along with a continuously materializing wall. And not coincidentally, this was similar to the method by which he’d been attempting to transport himself around the city.


  1. "attempting" being the key word in aforementioned sentence

  2. Haha, holy shit, sorry. I don't know how I missed that. That second-to-last paragraph was a previous edit and wasn't supposed to be there. The page hits the ~350 word quota without it, too, so it's especially weird, because I obviously counted and knew where the page was supposed end..


  3. sling shots. Metal at an angle then visualize the wall of metal fast and wear skates.

  4. Stephan FarnsworthJune 11, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    Guh...after close to 14 hours...I'm finally caught up.

    Very good story, sir - good enough that I read all of it over the last two days. Binge-reading is fun, even if it is exhausting. Much enjoyed your story and seeing it evolve as I went. Fascinating.

    Oh, I also like your hat. It's a very nice hat.

    One question (two, actually): So, I don't know if this was in the comments (I accidently skipped 'em for some pages), but it is evident that a servant's biological processes still work. So, hypothetically, could they reproduce with a normal human? Same goes for an aberration. Also hyptheticallly, would their kids develop superpowers of any kind?

  5. What is this hat you people speak of?

  6. Since servants can reproduce with each other I'm like 90% sure it would work with a regular joe.

    Aberration's maybe not since they aren't really human and never were. They, or at least some, can body hop so maybe they can, but I'd at least say most wouldn't really be into it. Wanting to kill everyone kinda makes reproduction hard. Then again hell maybe one's into rape or just hangs out with a servant with a fetish for abominations.

    It might just be a matter of soul for both questions while the body remains normal unless being acted upon by some outside power. So maybe a servant with mutation would be unable to reproduce depending on what their mutation affected.

  7. They won't get super powers unless they are murdered by ninja's and a reaper brings them back from the dead?

  8. that last line creates a very strange, very uncomfortable picture

  9. I'd answered that for you, but I've been murdered by ninjas. Sorry.

  10. Haha, welcome. Glad to have you. :)

    Yeah, servants can still reproduce with normal folks. Their kids wouldn't develop superpowers, though. Unless, of--

    *is murdered by ninjas*

  11. hey the last two paragraphs are practically the same. the only difference is that the last one has another sentence on the end

  12. Hmm I'm picturing Hector either creating some kinda iron conveyor belt, or some kinda thing like what Iceman does...

    Anyway, it's good to see Hector again. I don't *think* anything's gonna happen here. We need to calm down from that emotional scene last page. I'm expecting easy going here...

    I'm going to be horribly disappointed, won't I?

  13. I just imagined Iceman mode of transportation. Worked for me lol