Monday, June 16, 2014

Page 732

Hector’s brow receded. “Wow... uh... w-what did Prince David do to upset your niece so much?“

Amelia gestured with an open hand in front of her. “That, I don’t know. She has never provided details. Popular theory was that he blackmailed her in some way.”

Hector wondered if Prince David was capable of such a thing. It seemed rather extreme, but then again, blackmail wasn’t nearly as bad as what he already knew certain other royals to be capable of.

“Regardless, it was a shame,” said Amelia. “That marriage was an attempt to settle our past differences and bring the two families together. Instead, it made matters worse. A few years later, they tried again with a new couple. Sarah and Luther.” She frowned. “Their union appeared to be more successful... but recent events would suggest otherwise.”

It was a strange thing to think about, Hector felt--that all of the horrible things Atreya endured over these past few months might have never happened if Prince Luther had married differently. He wasn’t sure he believed that. It seemed too simple. But then, he certainly didn’t believe it was fate, either. And he didn’t see much room for a middle ground on that point. Events were either fated to occur, or they weren’t--and trying to game the system and say that events were fated but still part of multiple “possible fates” was definitely bullshit, he thought. Something to consult Garovel about later, he decided. Though, he already had a pretty good idea of what the reaper would say.

Jamal had more questions for the Lady Carthrace. “So is that your only reason for accepting this position? To get away from your family?”

“Is that not reason enough?” she said.

“It seems to me that someone of your status would be able to find opportunities to flee almost anywhere,” said Jamal. “Why choose Lord Goffe?”

Hector doubted he would ever get used to that.

“I had Helen’s word that Hector was a trustworthy young man,” said Amelia. “And if she trusts him, well... If earning my trust were like learning how to swim, then earning her trust would be like learning how to breathe underwater.”


  1. 11.30pm. Worth being awake.

  2. Wow 733 pages and three rereads later and I just realized i don't know the proper pronunciation of Hector's last name. Care to enlighten me Mr. frost?

  3. In my mind, the e is silent, and it just sounds like Goff (as in, rhyming with "trough" or "cough").

    But really, pronounce it however you like. Once upon a time, there was a Dutch artist with a mildly similar name, and folks disagree about how to pronounce that all the time (mainly due to regional accents 'n such).

  4. heh ya I was thinking it could either be Gee-off, Gee-off-eh,Goff, Goff-eh, etc. thanks for the clarification.

  5. Ohhh so that's why Luther hates his wife and family. It makes more sense now. And I want to learn more bout what happened with David...

    Also, that last line bout Helen was gold. Sheer GOLD!