Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Page 741

As ever, Lynnette observed Her Highness’s meetings in silence. Deliberations with the Minister of Defense took up most of the evening, as the man was--perhaps understandably--concerned about the troubling developments and conflicting reports in Sair. Lynnette imagined that the sudden talk of a possible civil war was unsettling to just about everyone on Eloa, so the fact that two entire countries, Lorent and Callum, both stood between Atreya and Sair was probably of little comfort to the minister.

The Queen, however, seemed as calm and collected as ever, and even though it took a while, she convinced the man that she would not overlook the matter, despite the Agency of Foreign Affairs still being in a questionable state after she had all but dismantled it.

Soon enough, Harper arrived to take her place.

Lynnette stood for a quick handshake. “Sleep well?” she asked him.

“Sure di--” The man broke himself off, glancing to his side and then back to Lynnette. “Darsihm says there’s something strange about you, Miss Edith.”

Lynnette eyed the Queen, who spared them a look before returning to her mountain of reading and paperwork. Lynnette stepped into the quiet hall so as not to disturb her, then addressed Harper again. “...Darsihm? Ah, is that your reaper friend?”

“Yeah. He’s been unconscious ‘til now, so he’s never seen you before.”

“Oh, I see.” She pulled off her glove to reveal her bone half-gauntlet. “Then, I’m sure he is sensing this. It apparently spooked Garovel and the others as well, but none of them could tell me anything about it that I don’t already know. I was meaning to ask you about it when your reaper woke up.”

“Oh! Shoulda shown it to me earlier. I know just as much about it as Darsihm does. Where’d you get it from, by the way?”

“A division of the Vanguard in Callum,” said Lynnette. “They were doing experiments on it. I didn’t intend to steal it from them, but... it just sort of... worked out that way.”

A grin split Harper’s flat face. “Might not wanna be so forthcoming with that information the next time someone asks. Lotta my colleagues are a touch stingy, you know, and they generally frown upon thievery--particularly of a thing like that.”


  1. Does Lynn's power glove increase in strength if she kills with it like a normal aberration would?

  2. " Lynette imagined that the sudden of talk of..."
    Drop that first 'of' and you're good.
    Also a quick question, if Nola or someone with integration fuses the bone gauntlet to Lynette's hand, what happens in regards to the aberration inside? Does it turn Lynette into a bona-fide aberration, or just kill her or what?

  3. Seems Lynette might be getting a power up.

  4. Got it, thank you.

    Wouldn't really affect her, actually. Apart from being rather painful, of course.

  5. And people call me evil ;)

  6. Na na, I think the point is that it is already at full strength - it holds the power of the aberration it belonged to, all the power it gained from the people it killed. I'm pretty sure it's currently static. That said, a power up is still in teh future. Lynette hasn't learned to make it manifest it's aberration ability yet. There was brief mention of it when she first got it. Something with fire in it.

  7. Hmm so Harper can't sense aberrations? That means Harper is nowhere near Mariana or Zeff in power, even though we knew that already.

    I love Harper by the way. Practically the only full-Vanguardian I still like.

  8. Hmm I feel that's contradictory to Pg 714

    "Shenado could see them even before a person had died, while Mariana could not--with the exception of aberrations, which were suddenly quite easy to pick out of a crowd."

    Did I understand that passage wrong, and Mariana meant something like aberrations were easy to pick out due to how they "act"rather than how they "feel" or something?

  9. When an aberration is within their field of view, yes, they are easy to spot for servants who can see souls. But if an aberration were standing behind them, for instance, the servant wouldn't be able to sense the aberration's presence unless they were much older.

  10. Does Lynn's glove not have an aura to be *seen*? Like I said, I'm under the impression that it's basically an aberration's soul on Lynn's arm. So I'm having difficulty understanding why Harper couldn't "see" the glove underneath clothes, when he can "see" a normal aberration's soul underneath flesh. If her glove doesn't act like this, then I see how I got confused

  11. 'cuz the flesh doesn't cover the soul. It's permeated by it, because they are bound together. Her bone gauntlet is permeated by the remnants of the aberration soul, but not the glove covering it.

    A rough metaphor would be... a clear plastic bottle. You can see the contents/soul inside, but not if you cover it with a towel/glove.

    There's a little more to it than that, but eh. I'll save it for when the subject inevitably comes up again in the text.

  12. I'll wait patiently for that day then