Sunday, June 22, 2014

Page 739

“So, uh... you’re saying this field density thing protects the body, but it can also double as a kind of weapon? I mean, suppressing the opponent’s power seems pretty potent...”

Yep. That’s generally how the terminology is handled. “Field density” is defensive; “soul pressure” is offensive. But they both refer to the same thing.’

“I’m... not gonna remember that.”

You will, eventually. In the meantime, I’ll remember for you.’

“Right, thanks.” He was nearly waist-deep in the hole now, and the heat only seemed to be growing stronger. “But, um... was there a reason why you brought this stuff up now? I’m still too weak to use it, aren’t I?”

For passive defense, yes, you’re still too young. But you could try actively applying the resilience to your body. Might help you cope with the heat a little better.

“Really? How much better?”

Oh, not much at all. You might be able to get a few centimeters closer to the magma before the heat convection melts your face off.’

“Well, that’s nice...”

It’s to be expected. Our souls have only had six months to synchronize.’

That made him stand upright. “Six months...” He pressed a hand to his forehead, partly to wipe the sweat away, partly just thinking back. “It’s only been six months?“

Six and a half, to be precise.’

“That’s still ridiculous...”

Hopefully, the next six won’t be quite so hectic. You’ve got a pretty good handle on your power now, and you’re a much better fighter. We’ve even made a few good allies. Oh, and let’s not forget our new base of operations. Seems like it’s already time to start thinking about the next step.’

“The next step? What do you mean? You have something in mind?”

As a matter of fact, I do. We should begin fostering a network of reliable contacts.’

“Oh... y’know, Roman mentioned something like that, too.”

Did he? When?

“It was just before that big fight. The one at, uh...”

Rathmore’s Gate?

“Yeah. He said, ah... networking is really difficult.”

He’s not wrong.’

“His previous allies kinda fucked him over, didn’t they?”

Seemed like it.’


  1. "Ours souls have only had six months"
    ours -> our

  2. Ah so Hector has finally gotten to the length of time he lied bout. Of course, that loe must be something like 8 or nine months now lol.

    This page made me think of our current cast of characters. I gotta say, I really love them. I'm kinda hoping they create their own fourth sude of the war :)