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That was also one of the big motivating factors for these treasure hunting missions. It wasn't just about finding powerful artifacts. It was about finding valuable ones.

Garovel had already expressed some of his reservations about that to Hector in private. The idea of selling legendary artifacts for cold, hard cash apparently didn't sit perfectly with the reaper, and Hector could understand why. There was more to "value" than just money, of course. History and sentiment were important, too.

But with all the new financial demands being placed on them recently, Hector found it a little difficult to care that much about such things. Rebuilding Warrenhold and feeding all its residents were much greater priorities in his mind.

Then again, perhaps the so-called Bank of Darksteel would soon be able to help with that problem. After meeting with Lionel Carthrace at the Gala and not being very satisfied with how it had gone, Hector had decided to meet with a couple more members of House Carthrace, just trying to get a clearer picture of Amelia's true character.

Those brief meetings hadn't really gone much better, though. He met with Lionel's son, Kenneth Carthrace, who seemed entirely uncomfortable and rather like a frightened mouse the whole time. Kenneth did speak a bit more favorably about Amelia than Lionel did, going so far as to say that she had always been kind to him, but Hector's main takeaway from that meeting was just feeling sort of bad for the guy.

Which was really odd, because Kenneth, at least on paper, was supposed to be the vice president of his family's real estate company, the CPG, or Carthrace Property Group. Hector would've expected a bit more composure from the man.

His other meeting had been with Lionel's sister, Delilah Carthrace, who certainly had more fire in her than her nephew--that was for sure. She actually kind of reminded Hector of Amelia in some ways, if Amelia were about twenty years younger and about five times more angry-looking.

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