Thursday, April 28, 2016

Page 1209

Yeah, that’s the theory,’ said Garovel. ‘Mummification used to be pretty common. These days, people seem to think it was only royalty and the super rich who were mummified, but that’s not quite true. Anyone who worked under those people could also be mummified--sometimes, even while they were still alive.

Hector’s brow lowered. ‘What? Why?

Because tradition, that’s why. For example, if your job was washing the king’s feet, and then your king went and died before you did, some cultures believed that you should be entombed with him.

That’s... so fucked up.

Such were the ancient customs and religions of the world.

Hector still had more questions about Couriers, but they got shoved out of his mind when he saw Asad and Qorvass approaching.

“You’re awake!” said Hector.

Good to see you both,’ added Garovel.

Asad looked pretty sore, judging from how stiff his movements were, but he offered Hector a handshake as soon as he was close. “When I heard about what you did for everyone, I had to come thank you.”

A bit confused, Hector took the handshake. “What I did?”

Asad tilted his head at him. “Zeff told me all about it. You lured the Salesman away from Dunehall and saved all our lives.”

Hector blinked. Zeff had been conscious through all that?

Really, though, that whole affair felt so surreal now, like a dream he’d had, rather than anything he’d actually lived through. A dream. Or nightmare, maybe.

Hector wasn’t sure what to say. You’re welcome? No, that was stupid. Shit, this was getting embarrassing very quickly.

Garovel helped him out. ‘You’re welcome.

Hector gave the reaper a look, but Asad and Qorvass both laughed.


Zeff also brought us up to speed on the current plan,’ said Qorvass. ‘We were wondering if there was some way we could help.

You’re asking me?’ said Garovel.

It is your plan, is it not?’ said Qorvass.

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