Sunday, April 24, 2016

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The more he looked around, the more Hector noticed the defensive design choices present in the Swallow’s Nest. Each walkway was flanked on both sides by enormous pits and burrows, all of which were manned by dozens of patrolmen. And since these walkways appeared to be the only means of approaching the towers, any invading forces from this entry point would doubtless have to expose themselves to an onslaught of attacks.

Then there were the towers themselves, on which he could see embrasures, where more defenders would be able to fire from. And inside, of course, the very first room they encountered was partially walled off, bearing even more embrasures. Even the staircase seemed to be--

Garovel’s laugh pulled Hector out of his imaginings. ‘Yeah, I thought you’d want to be awake for this.

Hector couldn’t help smirking a little. ‘How’d you know?

I saw the look in your eyes at the Golden Fort and Dunehall. Even a little bit in Marshrock, once the fighting was done. And then what you said about needing money for Warrenhold? You’ve been developing a real thing for castles, haven’t you?

Hector just bobbed his head, unable to deny it.

I guess you’ve always been a bit of a nerd about construction, haven’t you?

Carpentry club is hardly the same thing as building a freaking castle,’ said Hector.

Yeah, whatever.

I mean, it’s important, though, isn’t it? A good castle can protect a lot of people, and seeing all these incredible places now... it makes me realize how amazing Warrenhold could be.

Yes,’ said Garovel. ‘With just a little love and five easy payments of ten million troas, it could be our dream home.

Agh. You really think it’ll take THAT much money?

Maybe not, but it certainly won’t be cheap. And our new friends aren’t going to pay for all of it, no matter how much they like us.

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