Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Page 1208

Hector had another question already queued up in his head. ‘What’s the deal with the foggy mirror?

Ah, that’s how they choose who they work for,’ said Garovel. ‘I’m sure you noticed how the Courier only responded to Lord Duxan. When a Courier chooses to work for you, they just show up out of nowhere and give you one of those mirrors.

Hmm. Weird. How do they choose people, then?

Dunno. That’s what I meant by not knowing why they do what they do. They can apparently choose anyone, and their reasons for doing so are never made clear. It’s all very odd, but they do seem to gravitate toward people with power and influence.


Hell, one of ‘em could show up at Warrenhold and give you a mirror, someday. You’ve been getting pretty famous, lately.

Does, uh... does that mean they work for Abolish, too?

Yep. They don’t have any set allegiances that I know of. Oh, and they can decide to take their mirror back at any time and stop helping you.

...This sounds like some conspiracy-type shit. Controlling the flow of information or whatever.

You’re not the first to have that thought.

You trust them?

For the most part. They have a very solid track record when it comes to keeping sensitive information secret.

Hector supposed he’d have to take Garovel’s word on that.

They’d been walking for a while now, with Garovel leading the way, but only now was Hector finally starting to see some Rainlords again. This place was a bit of a maze, but with the way Garovel navigated it, Hector wondered if the reaper had been here before. It wouldn’t be too surprising, he figured.

But before any of that, he still had more questions about the Couriers. ‘Where do they come from? They’re mummies, right? So they used to be human?

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