Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Page 1206

Eh, don’t worry too much,’ said Garovel. ‘It’ll be fine.

Are you sure?!

Yeahhh,’ said Garovel unconvincingly.

Hector just gave him a look.

Alright, just relax,’ said Garovel. ‘These “mummy guys,” as you call them, were doing this sort of thing for a VERY long time before pictures were ever a factor. They are insanely reliable. Trust me.

Hector didn’t see how he had much choice otherwise. ‘Okay, so what if Roman gets the message but is too busy to meet up with us? Or just decides not to? I mean, the Rainlords ARE fugitives from the Vanguard.

Ugh, I hope that doesn’t happen. Because then it would be up to me to guide us back to Warrenhold.

But you don’t know the route.

I know it’s near a place called Capaporo. Given time, I’m sure I could suss out the right path.

Given time, huh?

Don’t look at me like that. I’m trying my best here. If you’ve got a better plan, I’d love to hear it.

Not saying I do. But I might be able to help you more if you didn’t keep shit from me for no reason.

Oh, come on, that was a great surprise.

Are you even gonna tell me who or what that mummy guy was, exactly?

Well, the truth is, even with my incredible powers of exposition, that is not an easy task.


They’re a rather mysterious bunch, those couriers. There’s not a whole lot that’s actually known about them. For instance, no one even knows WHY they do what they do. We just know that they’ve BEEN doing it for thousands of years now. And that they’re really good at it. Though, maybe a bit slow by today’s standards.

Huh. Well, what DO you know about them, then?

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