Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Page 1207

We know, more or less, HOW they operate,’ said Garovel, ‘but the specifics are still pretty unclear. Their movements are especially confusing. You saw how that one just “appeared” out of nowhere, right?


They can all do that. They can just show up wherever they want, seemingly.

Sounds like Ibai’s power.

Garovel paused at that. ‘You’re right. I hadn’t put that together. Aberrations are still a relatively recent development in the world. I wonder if that’s just a coincidence, or if there’s some underlying reason behind it.

You think aberrations and the mummy guys are related somehow?

Alright, well, before anything else, I should probably mention that they’re not actually called “mummy guys.”

I find that hard to believe,’ said Hector.

In Valgan, they’re generally called “zalabaram.” In Mohssian, they’re called dark walkers. Or dark messengers.

Or mummy guys.

Yes, Hector. Or mummy guys. Might be easiest to just call them Couriers, though. But capitalized. Because capitalizing things means they’re special.

So I should capitalize Mummy Guys, in other words.

You’re not gonna stop calling them that, are you?

Why would I?

Because you’re supposed to be an Atreyan lord now, and calling a group of ancient and mysterious beings “Mummy Guys” makes you sound about as dignified as an eight-year-old playing in the mud?

...That’s a really good point.

I know.

Hector wanted to say “Mummy Guys” again, and could see Garovel waiting for it, too, but he resisted, choosing to go for another question instead. ‘Do they ever talk?

No,’ said Garovel. ‘As far as I’m aware, none of them have ever spoken.

...Little creepy.

Maybe. But they’ve never been hostile. Not to anyone.

Or maybe everyone who ever noticed their hostilities is dead.

Or that highly unlikely thing you said, yes.

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