Monday, April 25, 2016

Page 1204

Hector set to work on the letter. Garovel was kind enough to help with that much, at least. Hector didn’t think he could’ve explained their current circumstances with the Rainlords without Garovel’s input. Additionally, the letter included two locations in the Undercrust where Roman would be able to meet up with them.

Hector had even more questions now, but he figured he should just save them until Garovel stopped being a secretive asshole.

He finished writing with ample time to spare, apparently. He tried to just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while he could. He considered meditating, but now probably wasn’t the time for that, he figured.

Then he saw it.

A man appeared. Or the figure of one, at least. From thin air, it simply faded into existence, standing directly in front of Lord Hasan.

Hector just stared.

No flesh of any kind was visible. A dark gray cloak covered most of the figure’s body, save only the head and hands, which were instead concealed by sandy brown bandages--including even the eyes, nose, and mouth.

...Is that a fucking mummy?’ said Hector.

Yep,’ said Garovel.

But--? Why is it--? I mean, what does it--?’ An appropriate question evaded him.

Lord Hasan stood and looked at Hector.

Hector took that as his cue and walked over with the letter in hand. Then he realized he wasn’t sure who to give it to, but when Lord Hasan held out his hand to receive it, that was good enough for Hector.

The Sandlord took the letter, then promptly handed it off to the mummy.

Roman Fullister,’ said Garovel publicly.

“Roman Fullister,” Hasan repeated, though more slowly and in his thick accent. And then again, “Roman... Fullister.”

Now the pictures,’ said Garovel.

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