Friday, April 8, 2016

Page 1198

<“What is he trying to do?”> Hector asked.

“Not sure I’m allowed to tell you that. I’ve already told you a lot, so.”

<“...Is it a mission from the Queen?”>

Gina opened her mouth but realized that she didn’t know what to say. Dammit, Hector.

<“...Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.”>

“Sorry I couldn’t be more help.”

<“Actually, um... you’ve been a big help.”>

Gina tilted her head. “Have I?”

<“Yeah. Take, uh--take care.”>

“You, too.” And she moved to hang up.

<“Oh, uh--hold on, there’s something else,”> said Hector. <“Um, do you, um... uh...?”>


<“Sorry. My reaper is explaining something. Um. He wants to know if you have a picture of Roman.”>

“A picture? What do you need a picture for?”

<“It might help with finding him. Apparently.”>

“Mm. I doubt it. Master Roman likes to disguise himself, remember? Especially when he’s traveling. I don’t think anyone will recognize a normal picture of him.”

Another long pause transpired. <“...Even so, I’m being told it could be useful. In fact, um, if you have more than one picture of Roman, could you just send me all of them?”>

Clearly, Hector didn’t know what he was asking.

“Sure,” said Gina. There was no need to correct him. She’d just have to pick out a few of the ones that looked like they’d been taken with Master Roman’s permission. “I’ll send them in a few hours. Is that okay?”

<“Yeah,”> said Hector. <“Thanks.”>

“Anything else?”

<“Ah... no. Thank you. Again. But, uh. I feel like I’m always asking you for stuff. I mean, I’m stupid-busy right now, but, um, is there--is there anything I can help you with, maybe?”>

Gina’s head reared back a little. “I... don’t think so, no. I’m fine.”

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