Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Page 1205

Oh.’ Hector whipped out his phone and found the photos that Gina had sent him. He tried to show one of them to the mummy’s bandaged face, but it didn’t provoke any kind of response.

Lord Hasan took the phone from Hector and showed it to the mummy himself.

The mummy grabbed the phone.

Lord Hasan seemed surprised but didn’t say anything.

Then the mummy pulled up the hood of its cloak, shuffled back a step, and bowed before the Lord Duxan. And without uttering a single word, it disappeared again, vanishing into thin air as quietly as it had arrived.

Hector looked to Hasan, who just kind of scratched his beard, avoided eye contact, and then walked away with his reaper.

...He stole my phone,’ said Hector.

Garovel hesitated. ‘Gonna be honest with you. I didn’t see that coming. I hope you weren’t attached to it.

What?’ said Hector. ‘What do you mean you didn’t see it coming? Haven’t you done this before?

Sure, but that was before phones could store pictures in them.

Hector didn’t quite know how to put his disbelief into words.

I guess this makes sense, though,’ said Garovel. ‘Normally, you give them pictures, and then they just take those pictures with them. I guess we should’ve printed them out first.’ A beat passed. ‘Whoops.

Garovel, are you fucking kidding me, right now?

Look, I’m sorry, alright? It’s just a phone. You can always get a new one. You were wanting a new service provider anyway, weren’t you?

Hector sighed as they started heading for the door. ‘Okay, whatever, I need a new phone now. No big deal. But what happens if my old phone’s battery dies, and then the mummy guy can’t see the pictures we gave him?

The reaper hesitated again.

Garovel, are you shitting me?!

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