Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Page 375

<“Ah, well, if he was a traitor, then I’ll probably be hearing more about it. I know Desmond wasn’t happy to see Karkash on the news.”>

“Let us know if you find anything out,” said Colt.

<“Of course. But what are you guys going to do in the meantime?”>

Colt eyed the reapers briefly. “We’ll probably just lay low for a while.”

<“Hmm. You sure I can’t help with that? I know what you said before, but I don’t mind making a few calls.”>

“No offense, but I’d rather not trust some random friend of yours unless I have to.”

<“Fair enough.”> There was a pause, and then she said, <“Well, if that’s all, then I’ll leave you to it.”>

Ask her about a new motorcycle,’ said Garovel.

“Can you help us find some new transportation? Hector could do with a new bike, and a car with fresh license plates wouldn’t hurt, either.”

<“Aha. That, I can do. Master Roman has a few different garages you can use.”>

Colt raised an eyebrow. “Just how rich is this Roman guy, anyway?”

<“I’m not sure he would want me to answer that.”>

“Right. Where’s the closest one, then?”

<“Let’s see, um. You’re somewhere around Maxwell, right?”>


<“Then go to Walton. There are three there, but you probably want the one that’s just east of the city limits. Let me know when you get close and I’ll give you the exact coordinates.”>

“Will do. Thanks.”

<“Sure. Anything else you need?”>

Colt stared at the winding road ahead as he thought, watching the frequent curves among the grassy foothills. “There’s one other thing,” he said, “but it might be difficult to find.”

<“What is it?”>

“I’d like to consult a doctor. And obviously, I can’t go to a hospital.”

<“I can find you a very discreet doctor easily enough, but why would you need to see one? You don’t get hurt, right?”>

“Not that kind of doctor,” said Colt. “I wanna see one who specializes in child care.”

There came another pause, longer this time. <“...You have a child with you?”>


  1. Coordinates, not address, interesting.

  2. Two actually, he said with pride in his voice.

  3. It's "Take Your Kids on a Deadly Trip with Zombies" Day, all right?

  4. One of the most important family holidays.

  5. Ah we're finally gonna find out bout the twins!