Sunday, November 10, 2013

Page 349

Colt waited for the house to settle, for the sound of breaking wood to cease. He cleared the dust away with his free hand and tried to assess the damage.

The bottom half of the stairs was gone. Oddly enough, the upside-down car had made a path through the rubble. He could hear the little girl yelling outside.

“Oh no!” she said. “Grandma!”

Colt took the grandmother in both arms again. With a few smooth hops, he made it out through the gaping hole in the front of the house.

The girl came running.

Colt rested the woman on the ground.

“I saw an ambulance down the street!” said the girl. “We gotta take her to it!”

“No,” said Colt. “We shouldn’t move her any more than necessary. Listen, I’ve gotta go help someone else now, so you have to run over there and tell the people in uniforms about your grandma.”


“Make sure they hear you. Bite their ankles, if you have to. Got that?”

“Got it!” She ran off toward the flashing lights.

I’m not so sure about that last piece of advice.’

“Eh, she’ll do fine.”

He returned to his car and checked on the twins. They both stared at him quietly from their rear-facing car seats when he poked his head through the back door. He squinted at them, uncertain. He was glad they didn’t seem terribly stressed by the situation, but at the same time, he was beginning to wonder why they looked so calm. They hadn’t made much of a fuss about getting into the car, either.

We don’t have time to linger,’ said Bohwanox.

Colt popped the trunk and grabbed the new rifle there. The man at the gun store hadn’t been so keen about letting him leave with it immediately, but Colt had been rather insistent. He needed something with more range and a scope.

Before he could even take a step, however, another cry for help caught his ear.


  1. Hmm...the kids are excessively calm at a scene of death and destruction...this is The Zombie Knight...maybe they're possessed by Geoffrey?

  2. Garovel and Bohwanox would have noticed that by now, surely.

  3. Point taken. I'm looking forward to finding out what is, in fact, the explanation for their troubling calmness.

  4. I bet they're abberations.

  5. I'm afraid Damian's mental condition was related to the Twin's mother. Let's see, why would Joseph Rofal be interested in Colt's in the first place? Probably not only because he was capable of being a hitman, maybe something else?

    "Booo!" said Damian.

  6. They can't be possessed by Geoffrey. He truly died, the children weren't close enough for him to have switched. Also, his grandfather could tell which body he'd last been in, and also, the first recorded instance of them behaving calmly in a strange moment came before the fight with Geoffrey - it was on the way to the power plant. I'd worried about it at the time, but then they'd never cry at all. Any kind of possession is out.

    Thing is, we've been given no sign that humans have any natural unusual abilities they can be born with. Abberations aren't human to begin with, and aside from that, humans only seem to gain power by becoming servants. If there's a way for those kids to be both human and supernatural, it's one the good author has not yet revealed to us. In which case we're screwed, we can only guess by luck.

  7. Took their father long enough to realize they're oddly calm in situations like this.

  8. I bet the kids are dead and have been revived by reapers. SHUT UP, I KNOW I'M RIGHT! Dx