Saturday, November 9, 2013

Page 346

From inside the building, Colt approached the vehicle slowly. It was wedged nose-first through the wall, and as he stepped closer, he could hear the floor boards groaning under its weight.

The girl yelled out as soon as she saw him. “Help! Please!”

Colt held both hands up in front of him. “Quit moving around,” he said, perhaps a bit too firmly, because she immediately froze up.

Bohwanox circled around. ‘Nice one. Try to be a bit more reassuring, will you? The poor girl’s terrified.

The doors wouldn’t be able to open unless he broke through the wall to make more room, but given how precarious the car’s position already seemed, Colt didn’t know if that would be the best method. A shock like that could make the floor collapse.

Use your ability to break the windshield,’ said Bohwanox. ‘You won’t jostle the car that way.

Colt pressed his hand to the shatterproof glass. He concentrated, and a moment later, a small crack appeared. He kept it going, tracing all along the edge of the windshield, as far as his arm would reach, until the glass sunk inward. Then he pushed on it lightly, and it gave way, falling against the dashboard and then into the passenger seat.

He reached through, extending his hand to the girl. “Alright, now,” he said, trying to be gentler than before. “Slowly, take my hand and come over the front seat.”

“How did you--?!” She broke herself off and grabbed his hand with both of hers. Gingerly, she started to climb over.

The car dipped forward against the floor, making the wood moan, and Colt grabbed the car’s front bumper with his free hand. Bohwanox gave him the strength to support it. And as his life force was converted into raw strength, his dark beard began to turn gray and bristly. His flesh started eating away at itself, skin peeling off and blood drying up in his non-essential muscles.

The girl saw him and went even paler than before. “What’s wrong with your face?!”

Colt raised a deteriorating eyebrow. “What?”

Oh, whoops.’ Bohwanox invoked the regeneration as well, and Colt’s face quickly restored itself. ‘Sorry. I’m still a little new to this.


  1. So I've finally added the "Characters" tab at the top of the site. As the story grows, I'll continue to update it with new characters and "older" spoilers. And once the cast starts getting sufficiently gigantic, I'll reorganize it into multiple different lists for the various groups and factions that characters belong to. AND WHATNOT.

    Thanks for reading, all.

  2. "Quite moving around."
    First day back, and already finding errors! XD

  3. Grr, I thought I got 'em all. Fixed now, thank you.

  4. Sorry i'm new to this.

  5. Snowtail the KhajiitNovember 9, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    Oh Bohwie, you'll get the hang of it, no sweat. ^_^

  6. Quite a few laughs in this one. Now Colt knows what Hector had to go through