Monday, November 11, 2013

Page 350

Colt paused, exchanging looks with Bohwanox, and for a moment they both merely listened to the plea.

“Anyone!” it said, faint and muffled, as if through a distant wall. “Help me!”

Colt growled and put his gun back in the trunk. “This better not take as long as the last one.”


The fight was not going very well. Out here on the open ground, away from the buildings and civilians, Karkash’s superior mobility was a much greater threat. Just providing cover from lightning strikes was enough to keep Hector completely occupied.

It soon became a game of feints. Karkash was clearly no fool and began to make the hand motions for his lightning, only to produce none, throwing Hector off and choosing instead to fling the metal into Stoker. Hector was constantly creating and destroying his iron while Stoker tried to close the distance and attack, but Karkash’s unimpeded flight made that task nearly impossible. Twice already, Stoker’s hydrogen had been detonated by a spark that Hector couldn’t catch in time, leaving Stoker to regenerate huge chunks of his body.

Of course, Nize also required Hector’s constant protection. She was unable to move, and Stoker couldn’t carry her around with as much fire as he was drawing.

We have to shift this momentum,’ said Garovel.

Hector couldn’t even spare the reaper a glance. ‘Great! How?!

Circle around and use the fog.’

What about the hydrogen guy?!

He’s a servant. He can take a beating.

Stoker kept his fog away from Hector and Garovel, no doubt to avoid hindering their view. Nize would be safe for the moment with two lightning rods protecting her, so Hector moved across the battlefield, putting the fog between himself and Karkash.

Stop here,’ said Garovel. ‘Straight ahead of you, aim slightly upward. Wait for my word.

Hector made a javelin, two-and-a-half meters of sharpened iron.


His form was far from perfect, but the throw had more than enough power to compensate.


  1. "So Hector [could] move around the battlefield..."

    So would his form be more along the lines of a 7/10 or a 2/10? And I wonder how many cheap shots from blind spots it will take before Karkash finally catches onto the trick.
    And one other thing I was wondering: how exactly is Karkash flying? I understand the magnetic fields, but what exactly are they reacting to? If it were the normal metal in a body, other people would be flying as well, so I'm guessing it is more along the lines of metal in his boots, belt, etc. Unless these magnetic fields have a really short range that is.

  2. Fixed, thanks.

    Yeah, he keeps metal under his clothes. it was mentioned in the last chapter. Page 336, to be precise.

  3. Entertaining battle so far. Not as pulse pounding as the final fight against Geoffrey. Probably cause the stakes were so high at that time