Sunday, November 3, 2013

Page 339

Liquid hydrogen was a curious substance, Stoker had discovered. It was even colder than its more famous cousin, liquid nitrogen, and could likewise freeze objects in mere seconds, including his own flesh if he wasn’t careful; and yet despite its temperature, hydrogen in this state was still incredibly reactive to oxygen. As soon as it touched the air, it would ignite with a colorless flame--which, in other words, rendered the flame nearly invisible.

Before he could put it to use, however, there was something else he needed to do. His muscles were growing heavy again. He was slowing down, and he could feel faint pain throughout his body. ‘Nize, can you hear me?

There was no answer.

The enhancements are expiring,’ he said.

Still nothing.

He could feel her presence there. He concentrated and flexed his soul--an imaginary muscle, pressing against her.

Ah... Stoker?

I need you to renew the enhancements.’ She didn’t answer, but after a moment, Stoker felt the vigor resurge through him. All pain vanished again, and he took a deep breath. ‘Can you tell me where Karkash is?

...Other side of the building on your left...

Okay.’ He darted through the alley ahead of him. He could hear crashing booms nearby--perhaps a building being demolished. He tried the next door he found. It was a small restaurant with numerous people huddled together, all deathly silent as they stared at him. This would do fine, he decided, ceasing his fog production. ‘I need you to detach yourself from me now.

What? But I can’t move on my own...

My next attack will hurt you if you stay on my back.

But your fog only hides your soul from Hoyohté... It won’t hide mine if I’m not attached to you...

I know. But we’re low on options, and these people’s souls should hide yours for a little while. I’ll kill Karkash before he reaches you.

She hesitated, but then said, ‘I trust you.’ She removed herself from him.


  1. we have any idea how long Stoker has been Nize's servant? How much reason does she have to trust--not his loyalty, that's a given, considering the nature of their relationship, but his ability and judgement?

  2. About two years. Was mentioned on page 313.

  3. Wow liquid hydrogen! It was one of the most reactive elements!

    I bet Stoker will rather work at NASA kind of workplace on Eleg after he got lost from Abolish, he'd be damn rich! NASA uses liquid hydrogen to fuel up their wonderspacebirds!

  4. It explains why he's still learning about his ability: it's a complex one, so he's still discovering options. Hector's is fairly straightforward really.

  5. Scratch what I said last page, Stoker is DEFINITELY badass