Friday, November 8, 2013

Page 345

Colt will look after the people here until emergency services arrive,’ said Bohwanox. ‘Then I’ll have him provide long range support.

Long range support?’ said Garovel.

“Found a gun store while you were busy,” said Colt. “Owner wasn’t very cooperative, but I got my hands on something nice.”

Bullets won’t be much use against Karkash.

“Even if all they provide is a distraction, you’ll be better off.” Colt looked at Hector. “Remember our sparring. Fight smart. Dirty, if you have to. Make him think you’re doing one thing, and then do something else.”

I don’t think he’s forgotten,’ said Garovel. ‘Let’s go, Hector.

They left Colt and Bohwanox behind in order to find Stoker. It was not a long search; Stoker found them first, holding his half-destroyed reaper in his hands.

You can’t stir her awake?’ said Garovel.

“Won’t matter,” said Stoker. “She’s too wounded to move on her own, anyway.”

Why were you fighting Karkash?’ said Garovel.

Stoker was reluctant to answer that.

“Are you Vanguard?” Hector asked. And he noticed Garovel frown.

“Yes,” said Stoker. “Are you?”

No.’ And then privately to Hector, the reaper added, ‘Please let me ask the questions.

Hector didn’t bother replying. He had no problem remaining quiet.

I can sense Karkash approaching,’ said Garovel, pointing north. ‘Let’s move west. We need an open area, away from civilians.

They started running.

“An open area will leave us exposed,” said Stoker.

Hector will provide you with cover. What’s your ability?

“Hydrogen transfiguration.”

Try not to blow us up, please.

“I’ll do my best.”


Colt could hear the crack of thunder again. No more than a kilometer away, he figured. Sirens were close by as well, but this town was tiny. He was sure it wouldn’t have more than a handful of emergency personnel.

Bohwanox had found him a house with a car sticking through the second floor wall. An elderly woman was either dead or unconscious at the wheel, while a young girl, perhaps her granddaughter, screamed for help from the backseat.

Colt wasn’t entirely sure how to get them out safely. He was starting to regret his earlier confidence. Surely this would be no trouble for Hector. The kid would’ve just made a metal staircase or something.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitNovember 8, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Oh Colt. Good luck dear. You power isn't much help here, huh? Hmmm…We'll see. :3

  2. What does stoker sound like?
    Hector don't sound street do he?

  3. Snowtail the KhajiitNovember 8, 2013 at 8:07 PM

    "Hector don't sound street do he?" -- I'm not sure how Hector's voice sounds, but you surely do. XD I love it.

  4. Hmm.

    Stoker sounds like... he could he use a nap. :D

  5. Snowtail the KhajiitNovember 8, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    Hah! That's probably the most accurate way to put it, no? XD


  7. Haha. Welcome back.

  8. I don't like Stoker lying, but it's a lot more convenient than explaining everything there. As long as he speaks the truth later on it's fine by me.

  9. At least Garovel is suspicious of Stoker...