Thursday, June 28, 2018

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Hector had an idea. “Can you tell me about the other big Atreyan houses?”

She eyed Roman, then pursed her lips together.

“Why’re you askin’ her?” said Roman.

Hector scratched his cheek but couldn’t help smirking just a little. “Ah... well, I just figured that she knows lots of stuff, and she probably isn’t going to get sidetracked arguing with Voreese, so...”

Roman blinked, and his neck whipped around so that he could stare at Voreese.

What?’ she said. ‘It’s not my fault that Hector’s finally realized he’s been talking to a dumbass this whole time.

As usual, Roman didn’t look especially fazed by her insults, but seeing as his own name and thoughts were being brought into it, Hector felt compelled to intervene.

“I don’t think Roman’s a dumbass,” he said.

A close approximation of a dumbass, then.

“No,” said Hector through mild laughter.

Aw, Hector, are you just saying that, because you guys are friends?’ said Voreese. ‘That’s sweet, but it’s okay. You can totally have a friend who’s a dumbass.

Hector just sighed and looked at Roman apologetically.

“Sometimes, I envy Gina for not being able to hear Voreese,” said Roman.

See?! That right there is a prime example of his dumbassery! As if not being able to hear me could ever be considered a good thing! Absolute fucking idiocy, I tell you!

Roman tapped Gina on the shoulder. “You just go ahead and explain the rest for me, please. It looks like I’ll have to take care of Voreese again for a little while.”

Take care of me?! What’s that supposed to mean, asshole?! I’m not some baby! I can--

Without looking, Roman’s hand shot out and grabbed the reaper’s center of non-existent mass.

Whoa, hey! Easy on the merchandise! What do you think you’re doing?!

“C’mon,” said Roman, standing. “We’re gonna leave ‘em to it.”

What?! No! I’m not done talking!

“I know,” said Roman. “Everyone knows.”

No! I wanna stay! Stop it! I’ve still gotta tell them all about your tiny penis!

“Wow.” He started carrying her toward the exit.

No! Hector, save me! Roman’s abusing me! This is illegal! It’s a human rights violation! I want my lawyer!

“You don’t have a lawyer.”

Then I’ll use yours! This is a miscarriage of justice! I’ll sue, you bastard! I’ll take you for all you’re worth!

By that point, Hector didn’t really know what to do, so he just kind of sat there and watched them go, watched Roman wave apologetically with one hand while gripping the thrashing reaper with the other.

There was a brief period of silence after they were gone.

Garovel was the first to speak up. ‘Well, that was... certainly something.

Hector had to agree.

Gina smacked her lips. “Well, um... judging from your silence and the look on your face, I’m guessing Voreese just made a scene?”

“Uh. That’s... one way of putting it, I guess.”

“Yeah... she’s been doing that a lot, apparently.”

Hector cocked an eyebrow. “You mean that’s, like, a recent development?”

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