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So unless you plan on taking the blame for the economy, too, then I don’t think this spike in crime can be fully attributed to you,’ said Garovel.

That’s... comforting, I guess.’

Good. I’m glad you think so. I was worried you were gonna start acting all guilt-ridden and annoying.

Well, uh... I mean, maybe I was working up to it.

The reaper just snorted.

Hector breathed half a laugh, too. ‘It’s just, I mean... I dunno. I know they were saying it was my fault ‘n everything, but... like, what the fuck was I supposed to have done differently? Just never leave Gray Rock, no matter what? That’s kinda...



Mm. You make a good point. I’m happy that you’re thinking clearly about this. Blaming yourself for things you can’t control could really end up biting you in the ass, in the long run.

How do you mean?

Well, speaking hypothetically here, if you become overly concerned about messing things up, then you’ll likewise become hesitant to take action when you might otherwise need to. When you might otherwise be able to save someone’s life, for instance. Maintaining a healthy psychological state is important for keeping yourself focused.


Hector supposed that was true, though he wasn’t so sure that his current psychological state could be considered “healthy.” He wasn’t sure of a whole lot when it came to his own mind, right now. The issue of Domain was still lingering in the back of head, making him second guess himself every now and then.

It was discomforting feeling, knowing that his mind had been messed with in some unspecified way. The first time with Rasalased had been bad enough, but he’d more or less worked out what the blessing of Focus was.

At least, he hoped he had. He was getting a little sick of surprises, even theoretically good ones.

But judging by what he knew of Focus, Hector had been wondering if the benefits of Domain would similarly be constrained entirely within his mind. Going by the name--Domain--he’d thought, at first, that it might have something to do with his ability to materialize his iron in the environment. However, he had thus far been unable to discern any changes in his abilities in that regard.

With Zeff’s help, Hector had also managed to test out the strength of his soul. But there, too, no noticeable difference had been observed. Neither his field density nor his passive soul defense seemed improved or changed at all.

Of course, it was possible that it was still too early for any changes to be observable, but the effects of Focus hadn’t taken all that long to manifest, so Hector wondered what the hold up might be. Or if there was just something else that he was missing.

Someone’s coming,’ said Garovel.

Where?’ said Hector.

The reaper pointed in the opposite direction that Hector had been looking, and sure enough, Hector saw a silhouette through a side street.

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