Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Page 1847

You might be right about that,’ said Mevox. ‘At least with regard to the larger houses. I doubt Zeff or Joana will want to do this.

Hector very much doubted that as well.

That’s fine,’ said Garovel. ‘Their numbers are few enough that it shouldn’t be a problem. Same goes for Evangelina and Diego, of course.

The other reapers merely nodded, as did their servants.

In the meantime,’ said Garovel, ‘I would suggest ensuring all of the men involved in the fight are given plenty to do over the next few weeks.

Way ahead of you there,’ said Mevox. ‘We have a very old saying in Deynos. Haven’t gotten to use it in, oh, seven hundred years or so, but now seems like a good time to bust it out again. “Idle hands will be put in chains.”

There was a brief quiet.

Ah--well, you may not need go quite THAT far,’ said Garovel.

Why not?’ said Mevox.

Because you’re essentially talking about slavery?’ said Garovel.

Eh, what’s a little slavery among family? Builds character and establishes discipline, if you ask me. Besides, it worked pretty well in the past.

I seem to recall a slave revolt taking place in Roth,’ said Yovess. ‘Which, funnily enough, also happened around seven hundred years ago, I think.

Yeah, but up UNTIL then, it was working great.

The conversation lasted a little longer, and they discussed what sort of work would be assigned to the offenders. They ultimately decided on breaking down rocks and laying brick. There was certainly enough of that that still needed doing. After the two lords and their reapers left, there wasn’t much time left before Hector would have to depart for Sescoria.

While he was getting ready, Roman paid him a visit, accompanied by Voreese and Gina, as usual.

I still think it’s bullshit that we weren’t invited,’ said Voreese.

“You know there’s no way that I could show my face at such an event,” said Roman. “And the Queen knows that, too.”

I’m not saying I think we should go. I’m just saying it would’ve been nice to be invited.

“Shut up, Voreese.”

No, you shut up.

As he was adjusting his black tie, which he’d finally managed to get right after nearly half an hour of trying, Hector thought of a question for his billionaire friend. “You’ve been to lots of parties like this before, haven’t you?”

Roman gave a shrug. “Sure.”

“Any advice for me?” said Hector.

“Oh. Hmm. Well, now, let me think...” Roman scratched his nose and sucked on his teeth for a moment. “Find the richest girl in the room, turn on the old charm faucet, leave her wanting for more, and THEN go and impress her father.”

Hector just gave the man a look.

“Not that I’ve. Ever. Done that before. Or anything.”

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