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Page 1808 -- CXCI.

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Zeff glowered. “Thank you for informing me of this.” He eyed Hector again. “I’m afraid today’s training has been canceled. If you are free later in the day, I will make time for you.” He turned and started walking back toward the castle.

Hector and Garovel followed. “W-what are you planning to do?”

“Talk to my sister.”

Is that all?’ said Garovel.

“For the moment.”

Hmm. Well, if you do end up deciding to do anything drastic, I would advise you to talk to Axiolis about it first

“I do not need you to tell me that.” After a beat, he added, “However, I appreciate your desire to help. Thank you.”

The walk back to Warrenhold was a long and uncomfortable one.

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-One: ‘In times of peace and revival...’
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...126 years ago...

The Wall of Montero was a sight to behold. It was taller than any of the buildings in the city itself, and in the evening sun, it had a kind gentle shimmer--a sparkle, even. That was the product of millions of tiny crystals embedded into its otherwise yellow sandstone.

Parson Miles sat at the top of it, inside one of its turreted watchtowers.

He was not alone, however. A plump, raven-haired woman sat with him, enjoying a mostly-melted mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream from an big, wooden bowl.

And enjoying it loudly. As she often did.


“...Darling--” Parson tried.


He just shook his head faintly, though he didn’t avert his eyes from his work. A watchman’s job was usually a solitary one, but this woman had made such a fuss about being left home alone all day that Parson had eventually been convinced to bring her along. She had a way of wearing him down with cuteness. And occasionally a bit of guilt-tripping, but mostly cuteness.

“Are you sure you do not want any of this?” she asked.

“I’m certain,” he said, still not looking away.

“Are you suuure?”

He could see her pushing a spoonful toward him in his peripheral vision. Then he felt it bump against his cheek. “Erisa.”

She pulled back. “Oookay. Have it your way. However, I sincerely do not understand how anyone could dislike sweets.”

“I don’t dislike them. It’s just that I’m working, right now.”

“You can eat and watch the horizon at the same time. It’s not like it’s going anywhere.”

“Darling, you said you wouldn’t be a distraction.”

She sighed. “Alright...”

She lasted about ten minutes.

“It’s just, you never eat sweets. And it makes me feel self-conscious, because I end up eating them all by myself and feeling like a fat cow.”

“I eat them sometimes.”

“Not enough times!”

“Maybe I want to make sure that there is enough for my lovely wife.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. Horseshit, but sweet. You didn’t even like our wedding cake.”

“It was coconut.”

“You couldn’t even taste the coconut!”

I could.”

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