Monday, June 4, 2018

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The Lord Elroy materialized a layer of ice over the lake for them to stand on. It was still clear enough for Hector to make out the sunken buildings below their feet, but it wasn’t cracking or feeling unstable at all.

It was pretty slippery, though, which Hector didn’t appreciate very much.

“Try adding spikes to your shoes,” Zeff advised him.

Good idea. Hector did so. He was a little worried that the spikes would weaken and destabilize the ice, but Zeff apparently wasn’t. And Hector supposed it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if they fell into the lake, either.

They ventured out rather far, until Hector nearly couldn’t make out the amber lights of Warrenhold’s main courtyard anymore.

“I believe I promised you an explanation the other day,” said Zeff after they’d come to a stop.

Hector tried to remember what he was referring to. “...For that trapping technique that Leo used.”

“Yes. Would you like to hear it now?”


“Very well. First, put one hundred cubes in orbit around yourself.”

Uh. One hundred? He’d never done that many, so he--

“Do not look so uncertain,” said Zeff. “After witnessing your battle with that worm, I am sure you can do it.”

“Er, alright...”

He focused. Orbital cubes. Dozens. He had the Scarf of Amordiin to help him sense all of them, so it was relatively easy to keep track. As the number climbed, though, he did notice it becoming more difficult.

No surprise there.

As instructed, he reached one hundred, and opened his eyes again.

Zeff was staring. “Remarkable... in Babbadelo, you could hardly keep thirty in orbit, and now, you can do this. How many times did you achieve emergence?”

“Uh...? Er, just once.”


Hector wondered if he should tell him about the Scarf. Obviously, emergence had played a role here, but much of this current feat was attributed to the Scarf, too, he knew.

Eh, Garovel had told him to keep it a secret, though. He supposed he shouldn’t--

“That scarf is special in some way, no?” said Zeff.

Well, shit.

“You have been wearing it ever since we left Himmekel. Is it somehow factoring into your ability to materialize?”

Hector kept his mouth shut. He wanted to just come clean, but he also wanted to do as Garovel had told him. He ended up just kind of clenching his jaw and waiting.

“...I see,” said Zeff, sounding calmer than Hector might have expected. “Yes. You would be wise to keep such information to yourself. Perhaps I would wish to take it from you, hmm?”

For a moment, Hector just stared at him. “...What makes you think one emergence wouldn’t be enough?” he said.

Zeff folded his arms. “While it is true that emergences can vary in power, there is generally considered to be a limit to how far one can go in a single leap.”

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