Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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((Triple Monday -- Page 3 of 3))
Both men returned a solemn nod, still looking rather defeated.

Aw, geez. Even after saying all that, how exactly was he supposed to help these people?

We need more information,’ said Garovel privately.

All of their reapers were also present. Hector had invited everyone to discuss the matter in his bedroom. There was a conference chamber one floor above that he had been using pretty frequently, but Hector hadn’t wanted this meeting to feel quite as formal as the ones in that chamber had begun to feel.

It didn’t seem to be helping, though.

Garovel’s next words were public. ‘We would like you both to provide us with twice-weekly assessments of your houses’ interpersonal affairs.

Hector’s eyes widened a little.

Mevox, Salvador’s reaper, was the first to respond. ‘Say what?

I know it might be a hassle or even a bit controversial,’ said Garovel, ‘but I assure you that you can trust Hector and I to keep any sensitive information you share with us to ourselves. And this is a very important matter. Above all, Hector and I want Warrenhold to be a place where everyone who comes here can have a reasonable expectation of safety. You must understand. Anything which might jeopardize that... well, that’s just not something we can ignore, even if it inconveniences you for a while.

Mevox opened his skeletal mouth but no words came out.

And I do apologize for the imposition,’ Garovel went on, ‘but it is my hope that these reports will help us come to grips with this problem before it gets out of hand. It’s imperative that we identify the cause of all this before taking any other kind of action which might make things worse.

With the way Garovel was talking, it didn’t sound like he was leaving much room for discussion. It sounded like he was issuing an order, Hector thought. And he didn’t think the Rainlords would appreciate that.

There arrived an intermission of silence, presumably in which the other reapers and servants were discussing the matter privately.

Hector used the opportunity to ask Garovel a question of his own. ‘This is a little much, don’t you think? What if they say no?

They won’t.

But what if they do?

Then I guess you’ll have to show them who’s boss.

Hector’s jaw clenched. ‘Garovel! I’m not their boss!

You’re the Lord of Warrenhold, Hector. We’re in Warrenhold. You’re the boss.

Argh. He wanted to argue, but there wasn’t time, because Mevox spoke up again.

We understand,’ the reaper said. ‘Assessments sound like a reasonable step to take.

Yes,’ said Yovess. ‘We think so as well. Obviously, we know what the overall cause of these tensions is, given what happened in Sair, but I do think a closer look at the finer details with an objective third party such as yourselves might prove helpful. I would even go so far as to recommend this as something all of the houses should begin doing.

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