Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Page 3115

Unfortunately, Linus couldn't give him either answer. Without knowing more about the nature of the operation that these Rainlords had in mind, he could not in good conscious commit to assisting them, even tentatively.

But it was still an interesting idea. He decided to give his boss a kind of uncertain half-nod.

Mr. Vance seemed to understand. "We can help with that."

Okay, maybe he hadn't understood. Shit.

Linus didn't get the chance to take Mr. Vance aside and explain, because Elroy spoke up again first.

"Ideally, we would be able to get them out before the battle here is decided."

"Ah, do you think these people be willing and able to aid in the defense of the city?"

"Absolutely," said Elroy.

"Excellent," said Mr. Vance with a smile.

Linus was clenching his jaw as Mr. Vance turned to look at him again.

The meeting didn't get much better for Linus from there. The discussion turned to one of logistics and intel-sharing with regard to the enemy. Several times, Linus wanted to interject and perhaps walk back their claim of support, but no clear opportunity for it ever arrived.

And frankly, it probably wouldn't matter. Whether intentionally or not, Mr. Vance had committed the RPMP--or his part of it, at least--to helping them. Trying to undo that commitment would just make him look weak and foolish.


As the meeting drew on, Linus found his mind already wandering to the more pressing issue of who the hell he could spare for this mission. Maybe he could convince Kristof or Daro to send someone from their divisions, instead. With the promise of future reinforcements on the table, one of them might agree.

Probably Daro, most likely. Kristof was already up to his eyeballs on the front line. Yeah. The more Linus thought about it, the more he felt like Kristof wouldn't want to spare even a single patrolman--not without a major concession on Linus' part, at least.

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