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There was so much information there that Royo wasn’t even sure where to begin.

He supposed that it did make him curious, though. What was all of this information, exactly? Just the man’s emotions? No, it couldn’t be. Dying wasn’t that complex, was it?

Perhaps it was. Especially for an immortal Hun’Sho.

Royo wanted to smile.

He chose the first “thing” that his eyes stopped on and tried to unpack it.

A memory, it seemed to be. Of what? What was this color? Green? It was so bright. Royo hadn’t seen much of it in his lifetime, certainly not in shades like this. Plants, he supposed they were.

It must have been the surface. He’d read enough about it. So Seyos had been to the surface, had he? Bastard. A part of Royo had always wanted to go there, ever since he was a child, but he knew it was all but impossible for a Hun’Kui. The environment there was deadly.

Maybe it wouldn’t be impossible for a god, though. Now there was a thought.

Royo moved on to the next memory without even delving further into that one. There were so many. He just wanted to find something interesting. Maybe even something informative. With as long as this asshole had been alive, he must have known all sorts of useful things, right? It only made sense.

He wondered if there was some easier way to navigate through everything than just picking whatever caught his eye. He tried to press the Eye for something more. Something clearer.

The Eye provided.

The memories became more distinct to him. Not visually, perhaps, but still distinct nonetheless. Only so much of the Eye’s perception was visible. All of this information streaming into his mind was not like text popping up in midair waiting for him to read it. Rather, it simply appeared in his head, describing itself to him in a manner similar to--but thankfully still distinguishable from--his very own thoughts.

And all of these memories became linked to one another along an apparent timeline. Royo was able to navigate his way back all the way to the beginning.

It took a while.

There were noticeable gaps as well, which Royo supposed made sense. Memories became clouded and lost over time. It was only human to forget things. He had begun thinking that Hun’Sho simply weren’t human, but perhaps they were, after all.

There it was. The oldest memory.

It was a face. And not that of a Hun’Sho or a Hun’Kui, but of a surface-dweller.

They all looked more or less alike to Royo, but he could at least tell that this one was male and elderly. The old man was saying something, but Seyos apparently couldn’t understand him, so neither could Royo.

Royo demanded more detail.

The Eye provided.

The old man in the memory was Seyos’ father, Avaross. An incarnation of Avar.

The linked memories were beginning to make more sense to Royo, arriving in his perception as a merged group of information rather than separate pieces.

This man was the father of the first generation of Hun’Sho. A generation of which Seyos had been a member.

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