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“We tried to tell the children that those who have disappeared simply chose to leave Himmekel on their own,” said Torveis, “but it seems they have stopped believing us. Assuming they ever did.”

“They are far smarter than we have ever given them credit for,” said Lemoros. “It was a mistake to lie to them.”

Torveis shook his head. “It was undesirable and even heart-wrenching, but it was not a mistake. If Seyos discovered that we had told them about him--”

“He would do, what?” said Lemoros, sounding more frustrated than Zeff had yet heard from any Hun’Sho. “Abduct them? As he is doing now? We should have done more to prepare them. Our inaction is to blame.”

You’ve been Seyos’ prisoners here for a thousand years, no?’ said Ax.

“Roughly, yes,” said Torveis.

Yet you said that these abductions started only recently. What prompted them?

The Hun’Sho exchanged glances again.

“The arrival of Ettol and Carver, no doubt,” said Lemoros. “Seyos has always been rather forceful and demanding, but he never harmed any of us, as he appears to be doing now. I do not know what has come over him or why.”

“I do,” said Torveis, causing everyone to look at him. “Or at the very least, I can guess. I believe Seyos may be trying to instigate the return of Avar in some way.”

“What makes you think that?” said Lemoros.

“Avar heralds our return to prominence,” said Torveis. “And Himmekel is not the only enclave of the Hun’Sho in the world. We know that Seyos has been in contact with others. It would make sense if that--or something similar--was their goal.”

So there were more Hun’Sho hiding elsewhere. That was news to Zeff. They had gotten away from the topic he actually cared about, however. “I need to know how to find this Seyos.”

Torveis sighed. “I am sorry, but I do not know. Seyos comes to us at his leisure.”

“You said he uses mirrors to travel,” said Zeff.

“Yes, but we have tried many times to discern the method of their function,” said Lemoros. “To no avail.”

“Truly, we would help you in this if we could,” said Torveis. “It would very much be in our interest if you were to bring Seyos’ reign here to an end. His power is beyond us, but perhaps it is not beyond you.”

Then take us to the rest of the elders,’ said Ax. ‘Perhaps one of them will know something that can help us.

The Hun’Sho exchanged looks another time.

“Very well,” said Torveis. “But we must be exceptionally cautious. There is no telling when Seyos might be observing us.”

Zeff scowled and rubbed his knuckles. “It would be more convenient if he attacked us first.”

“I am glad you are confident in your abilities,” said Torveis, “but please, do be careful. Seyos likely wields power that is stranger than anything you have ever seen.”

Zeff returned a flat stare. “I wouldn’t bet on that, if I were you.”

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