Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Page 161

“Please be careful,” she said.

“You as well.” And he was gone.

Helen turned away from the door, rubbing her flushed face and trying not to look at Mehlsanz.

Well, aren’t you just adorable.

She stiffened. ‘I was merely trying to ensure his cooperation.

No, you weren’t.

W-we are often apart, traveling internationally. Our relationship has--has been very--oh, why am I justifying myself to you, anyway?

Mehlsanz just laughed.

Excuse me,’ came another voice.

They both turned to see a second reaper hovering by the window.

I apologize for the interruption, but I’d like to inquire... Wait. Aren’t you Mehlsanz?

I am.’ She tilted her head. ‘Garovel?

You remember me. So it was you who revived the Queen, then?


I didn’t think the Vanguard was in the habit of reviving royalty. Wasn’t there a rule about that? Affecting the living world too greatly or some such?

I left the Vanguard,’ said Mehlsanz.

Garovel floated closer. ‘Why?

It’s a long story. Reviving the Queen was my attempt to stop the Vanguard from hunting me down.

They want to kill you?

They don’t just let you leave, anymore. It’s not like it was when you were there, Garovel. I attached myself to her because now killing me also means killing her.

Ah.’ Garovel eyed the Queen. ‘A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Majesty.

Helen nodded. “Likewise.”

What are you doing here?’ said Mehlsanz.

I was worried that whoever revived the Queen wanted to exploit her influence. I’m relieved to see that’s not the case. Or is it?

Of course not. Did you bring a servant?

I did.

How powerful?

Why do you ask?

Mehlsanz hesitated. She looked between Garovel and the Queen. ‘I was backed into a corner. They were going to kill me. You understand?

I don’t. What’re you getting at?

The Vanguard won’t come after me,’ she said. ‘But now... Abolish probably thinks that the Vanguard is trying to seize Atreya.

“Give the lady a prize,” said a voice beyond the bedchamber door. A man entered, dressed as a butler. He had a reaper with him. “That is indeed why we have come.”


  1. Dunnnn dunnnnn dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Nooo I hope her commoner guard doesn't also happen to arrive. She is but a mere mortal!

  2. Chapter that ends in a cliffhanger... You are truly evil Mr. Frost...

    1. Dont boost his ego, its already big enough as it is

  3. I read that last line and I literally went, "Oh SHIT!"

    I was kinda hoping Garovel and Mehl knew each other.