Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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((The Mon/Wen/Fri Double -- page 2 of 2))
“I thought you liked Garovel,” said Asad.

Oh, I do. We haven’t known each other long, but I already consider him a good friend. But that doesn’t mean he will do as we wish, even if we ask nicely.

"Heh. What a shame.”

But whether Rasalased granted him this knowledge or he really did come up with it on his own, it doesn’t change the fact that this technique SHOULD still follow the rules of materialization.

“Hence why I said it makes little difference. I’m not sure that even Hector himself fully understands his technique.”

You think he invented it without realizing the full depth of its complexity?

Asad deliberated silently for a moment. That notion seemed particularly absurd, somehow. While it was perfectly possible for someone to discover something accidentally or invent some kind of machine without understanding its full functionality, Asad had a hard time believing that such a thing was possible when it came to materialization. So much of materialization depended on the wielder’s understanding of the thing being materialized. Even someone of very high skill level would struggle to create something simple if they didn’t understand how it was shaped, what physical features it had, or how it was supposed to work.

It seemed very unlikely that Hector could have invented something unintentionally, and yet…

“…What if it’s not so much ‘the orbital technique’ that Hector invented, as it is something else?”

And what in the world does that mean?

“The latter part of the technique,” said Asad, thinking back, “after the orbital acceleration, Hector said it requires the user to ‘lose control’ of it in order to launch. I hadn’t thought much of that before, because I was able to do it so easily, but… that is incredibly unlike most materialization techniques. Or ALL of them, really. Losing control? On purpose? Materialization is always about tightly concentrating and fully comprehending everything you are doing. Always being in control. Because when you are not, your work goes completely awry."

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