Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Page 868

Really?’ said Rezamaar. ‘Nothing? I wish you would at least pretend to be upset at me for a change.

Sorry. Though, you’ll have to let the aging thing go sooner or later. I know you wanted me to stay a teenager forever, but I--

That’s not what this is about!

Sure it isn’t.

Dunstan, I am so tired of your lip.

Are you, though?

Yes, I am! Agh! Don’t test me! I will release your soul in a heartbeat!

Well, if you’re gonna do it, then you’re gonna do it.

What the fuck do I have to say for you to get angry?! It’s really creepy the way you never get mad, you know! I basically called you a fucking swamp monster, and you don’t even care!

I can’t help it if you’re into little boys, Reza.

I’m not into little boys!

Aren’t you, though?

I’m into young men!

Are you, though?

And it’s not a sexual thing! It’s purely platonic!

Is it, though?

Shut the fuck up!


A long beat passed.

I just find them adorable,’ said Reza. ‘Like teddy bears and puppies. Reapers don’t even have sexual urges, you son of a bitch.

No judgment here. You’re free to lust disgustingly over whomever you like.

God, I hate you so much, Dunstan.

Then I guess I am not long for this world.

Reza just growled at him. For all her talk, Dunstan knew she wouldn’t really do it. But even if she did, he honestly wasn’t too concerned. He hardly considered himself alive, anyway. This was all just borrowed time, and it wasn’t like anyone would miss him.

You really need to make some friends,’ said Reza. ‘This is getting pathetic.

If you say so.

How about the Elroy boy? He seemed nice. Well, not nice, but loyal. Well, not loyal to us, but to his family.

He is also a frozen head, at the moment.

Yeah, but Dennex isn’t.


His reaper. He and I have been talking. Dennex is cool.

Could you please not fraternize with the enemy when I’m not around?

I told you I was bored.

If the wrong person overheard the two of you talking, it could come back to bite us.

Please. I’m more careful than that.

Mm. Did Dennex tell you anything useful?

Well, he didn’t admit to being an Abolish spy, if that’s what you’re getting at. But I have a sneaking suspicion that a spy might be reluctant to reveal that sort of thing.


  1. Reza really is my favorite character now

  2. Some artists work in paint, in clay, in lines of prose. Mr. Frost works in pure, undiluted, heartwarming snarkiness.

  3. Now I'm just hoping Reza will meet Hector, it will most likely be adorable. Also at first you write "said Rezamaar" but then you write "said Reza", is it suppused to be like that?

  4. Usually Frost changes the name of characters narration(not sure what word to use there) to how is said in the story itself, like Wendy back on page 710.

  5. I think Dunstan should just join with Hector and his group, as the second coming of Voreese and Roman.

  6. Finally, a Rofal who's a good guy. Well. Eventually, anyway.

  7. Caught up finally... Not sure if this makes me happy or sad... Awesome story so far, can't wait to see where you take it!

  8. A shota reaper, didn't expect that. Some give Frost a medal, he's a genius.

  9. See, if anyone needed it theres the proof Dunstan isn't evil. Bad guys never act like that kind of a-holes to each other, and these two might give Roman and Voreese a bit of competition.

  10. If you think that would be good, just wait till you see Dimas's reaper (whose name I forget) meet Roman and Voreese. Or Reza and Dunstan, for that matter. Given that he thinks that "pissing turkey" is too harsh for a traitor against the Rainlords and the Vanguard, it would be entertaining watching his response to them volleying insults.

  11. Seems more into ephebophilia than pedophilia which is what connotations shoutacon has in the west. Besides I think it's more like the ancient greeks thing which wasn't sexual per say at the younger ages. Certainly was at the older.