Sunday, October 12, 2014

Page 852

When they reached the first objective, Hector observed the integration users at work. Together, they’d brought along immense lengths of uninsulated cables and a duffel bag full of compact electrical devices. They’d been laying the cables down as the tunnel progressed, but they only now stopped to plant one of the devices into the ground. Then they attached cables to the device and used their abilities to somehow craft a barricade around the device.

Hector had a number of fresh questions for Garovel and decided to start with the broadest one. ‘So, uh... what are they doing, exactly?

Making limiters for the soul net,’ said Garovel.


Yeah. Ever wonder what happens when you try to empower an energy field with your soul?

Er. I’m not even sure what that means.

Then this won’t be an easy explanation.

Hmm. I’m sure you can do it.

Ha. Well, I suppose I’ll start at the beginning. Quite a long time ago, something like a soul net would have been considered impossible. We only knew that servants could empower physical mass with their soul, and we thought that things like light and electricity didn’t have mass, but as was later discovered, they do--it’s just such a small mass that there isn’t enough to attach a soul to. If you tried, the soul power that you expended would just bleed out into the air and attempt to fill the entire body of gas that makes up the planet’s atmosphere. Which is impossible to do, by the way. It’s simply too big for even the most powerful servant’s soul to fill. It’d be equivalent to spitting into an ocean.

Okay, I’m with you so far...

Anyhow, it was later discovered that soul power CAN occupy an energy field, as long as that field is strong enough within a contained area. Relativistic mass plays a role here, but that’s probably more complicated than is worth going into right now. Simply put, a soul net is an energy field that has been empowered with someone’s soul.

Uh, alright...

In this case, the Rainlords look like they’re going to use a magnetic field. Those devices they’re carrying are most likely protective relays, which will serve to prevent the net from overloading--and possibly also amplify the electric current that will run along these cables. Someone will empower the current with their soul, and since the magnetic field is a product of that current, it will also be empowered.


  1. "by he way" the*

  2. wow that was quick

  3. Awesome explanations for the soul net! At first, way back during the fight/occupation with the Queen, when the topic of soul nets were first introduced I never would have thought they used such advanced scientific theories to set up such things.

    Infinite kudos to you for incorporating elements of Relativity into your story so very smoothly!!!

    Since elements like this are now being introduced I fully expect to read about someone who uses lightsabers :P Should be possible with someone who can create/control light or plasma, create soul-powered energy fills, and has a sense of geeky humor. xD

  4. Wait, no I can't be on page 852 already. I only started yesterday!

  5. im pretty confused. light doesnt have mass. electrons do although i imagine it would be impossible to empower an individual electron x1billion. im probably missing something. you could be talking about gravitation but that seems far fetched & wouldnt really make much sense in terms of soul empowering. i dont quite understand what you mean by energy field. by energy field you are probably referring to an electromagnetic field, i would assume but i dont see how that would be used. im definitely overcomplicating things but i just want to make sure i get it. an idiot. i didnt read the last paragraph as i typed this comment. im dumb. i knew i was overlooking something and it was such a simple thing too. i was focused on the completely wrong thing. i know i read the whole page before commenting, that paragraph mustve slipped through my mind. though i must applaud you mister author guy. the way you incorporated soul empowered fields just now was simple yet ingenious. i hadnt even thought of that till now, you keep surprising me and i very much enjoy that. i had assumed that a soul net could just be chalked up too giving shape too your soul empowerment, this is much better in terms of originality. very good explanation. i havent seen many authors use as much science as you have

  6. i gotta say, good on ya with the science. never woulda thought they used magnetic/electromagnetic fields as a medium for their empowerment. simple yet effective

  7. Light travels as both waves(energy) and particles(mass). Due to science being awesome it's way too complicated for me to remember the details past that.