Thursday, October 9, 2014

Page 850

Just wait,’ said Iziol. ‘I’m thinking.

Dimas waited.

Try insulting him.’


See if you can goad him into attacking us first.

Dimas nearly gave a mental sigh.

Call him a... a turkey. Maybe that’ll get a rise out of him.

...No, Iziol.’ The sad part was, he knew the reaper wasn’t joking.

Dimas, come on, help me out here. I hate having to be the bad guy. You can even use a crude word, if you like. A pissing turkey, maybe. Oh, or would that be too harsh? I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

...I’m attacking him now.


I’ll remember to feel bad about it later.’ And without any warning to Horatio, he shoved one hand forward and launched a gravity wave at the man.

However, Horatio was prepared. With an extended hand of his own, a sudden explosion appeared in the wave’s path. It was large enough to neutralize Dimas’ attack, though a cloud of dust particles washed back over Horatio’s tower before the man dematerialized his work.

Dimas did not let up. He pressed forward with both hands this time and forced Horatio to either leap off the balcony or be shredded along with it. Horatio retaliated with targeted dust explosions as he dropped down to the uneven rock below.

Dimas, how can you be so heartless?! You’re a monster!

Shut up, Iziol.

Horatio’s reaper appeared from the gaping hole in the tower and latched onto the man’s back. To Dimas’ eyes, reapers were small wyverns--winged and dragon-headed, but with only two legs and a double-barbed fishtail.

Dimas never stopped moving and fired off a series of gravity bullets that Horatio couldn’t see until he’d already been riddled with bloody holes. Another moment may have been enough to finish him off right then and there, but an explosion caught Dimas square in the chest and sent him spiraling off course with an impressive hole in his vest. His raincoat flapped wildly as he brought himself to a hard stop in mid-air. He could feel a rib out of place, but the vest had more or less done its job. Pity it could only take one hit, though.

That’s what you get for attacking first.

Iziol, please--

I sense more approaching. I believe it is time for us to go harass some other part of the castle.

That information, Dimas could appreciate.


  1. lol wat a weird reaper.

  2. Were you already planning to give Horatio this power, or did you steal my post about flammable dust from the other day? If it's the second of those, I have some gloating I need to do.

    Also, lol Stupid Good reaper with the last name of Bowdler.

  3. Oh, Voreese is gonna love screwing with this reaper. "So, what does your servant do? Mine's a criminal thief-lord! Where do you see yourself in five hundred years? I'm gonna be the empress of the world, tugging the strings of my domain through my servant's criminal empire!"
    On the other hand, they both seem to think the best way to start a fight is with an insult, even if it's for entirely different reasons.

  4. Not to mention how much fun Lady Swearjar would have with someone who can't think of any insults stronger than "turkey."

  5. I'm thinking that Voresee will become a senpai. Voresee, the best swearing senpai that can evenly gives out insults to the injury mentally to screw ya evenly worse!

  6. Started re-reading at the end of last week, and now I'm all caught up again. Re-reading has been such a help with keeping everything straight, as far as storylines go. Mr. Frost, this is truly one of my favorite things to read.

  7. I just want to say that I have been reading for a while and I love your work. Keep it up!

  8. i wonder what the actual power is instead of just "exploding dust"