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Page 847 -- XCVII.

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The meeting didn’t last much longer after that. Hector returned the Elroys’ pictures but was able to hold onto the enemy intel. Lord Dimas was the first out the door, immediately followed by his mother.

Qorvass had another question for Abel. ‘Are you sure it was wise to task your own son with harassing the enemy? It’s probably the most dangerous job you could have given him, no?

Lord Abel nodded. “Dimas may be my son, but he is already stronger than I am. I have complete confidence in him.”

Chapter Ninety-Seven: ‘The Siege of Marshrock...’
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At this distance, Marshrock was a hulking lump on the dark horizon. Dimas could hardly make it out, excepting only when lightning flashed and lit up the entirety of Luzo.

He adjusted the hood of his long raincoat, ensuring it was snug enough to hold his front-brimmed helmet in place and keep the rain out of his eyes. He knew that he’d also have to compensate for the added weight of his heavy combat boots and aramid fiber vest. Truthfully, he would’ve preferred to just wear his usual suit and tie, but his mother wouldn’t allow it.

Technically, he was wearing clothes that she had personally prepared for him. He supposed that was one way to feel young again.

Are you sure you don’t want to take anyone with you?’ asked Iziol.

Yes,’ said Dimas. There were a variety of abilities that could achieve flight, but some had an easier time of it than others, and even fewer had his level of control. Instead, he had already ordered Lorenzo Delaguna and cousin Carlos to begin their assault after he completed the first objective.

His boots lifted gently off the rooftop, and Iziol grabbed onto his back. He strengthened his entire body with his soul, flexed his folded arms, breathed deep and fully exhaled, and then rocketed off into the sky.

Marshrock wasn’t that far, so there was no need to break the sound barrier. His view of the enormous fortress soon became much clearer. It really was a giant boulder with a few towers poking out from the top.

For the moment, he was not concerned with the castle itself. Instead, he turned upward and climbed toward the clouds. Lightning flashed again, only this time, it hit him.

This was expected. He was prepared for the impact with an invisible field of concentrated gravity. And yet, it still wasn’t enough to trivialize the lightning. The sheer force of it knocked him off course, making him stagger in the air as electricity surged all through his body. After a moment, however, he regained his composure and kept climbing.


  1. the hoodie - the hood?

  2. Took me a bit to realize that that guy was the one from the mansion who collapsed his own skull to get away. XD I was like 'wait...who's this guy? How's he flying?' Then I was rereading in an attempt to find mistakes and realized it was him.

    Anyway, Mister Frost, I think I speak for many of your readers when I say I love you :D

  3. Kensei Seraph - StaffOctober 6, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    "Instead, he had already order Lorenzo Delaguna..."
    "order" should probably be "ordered".

  4. I wonder if it'll be possible for certain servants that basically clash create something akin to the big bang as it screws everybody up.