Friday, October 24, 2014

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Sabas was certainly getting his share of hits in, but Asad was hardly budging at all. Even when a titanium fist--no doubt with enhanced strength behind it--connected with his bare skull, the Lord Najir barely even flinched. But it also made something else happen.

With each blow that Asad received, his tattoos flashed golden yellow, lighting up for an instant and then returning to black just as quickly. Hector wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but he didn’t get the chance for further observation.

She’s breaking out,’ warned Garovel, accompanied by the sound of cracking glass.

Hector went to work on a gigantic slab of iron high above Silvia’s head. He could see that Silvia had coated herself in cesium, which seemed to be reacting with and corroding the glass; and after a few more moments, the cracks grew, and she was finally able to break herself out of Asad’s glass, at the cost of having melted much of her skin via her own cesium.

At the very second she was free, the iron slab was right there to greet her. Having started its fall at only about eighty meters above the ground, Hector knew from his own practical studies that it didn’t have nearly enough altitude to achieve its terminal velocity.

But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt.

The slab crushed her into the pavement. The impact force kicked up chunks of road all around the slab and sent them reeling into vehicles and buildings, even right past Hector.

Nicely done,’ said Garovel.

And Hector waited, wondering if that was really enough to keep the woman down. He seriously doubted it, though it did seem to have bought them some more time.

Jada walked up from behind. She didn’t say anything and instead offered him a nod of approval.

Asad seemed to be finishing up. He carried a helpless reaper in one hand while in the midst of extracting the other from Sabas’ glass-encased body. Fidel had been skewered in a dozen different places and no longer seemed to be regenerating, perhaps because his pan-forma had been forcibly ended. Hector was immensely curious how Asad had accomplished that and so paid close attention to him trying to extract Sabas’ reaper, but Sabas appeared to be making it impossible. Even Asad couldn’t pierce the man’s titanium flesh, which Hector intuited to be a necessary step in the procedure.


  1. Last page only went up a few hours ago. Careful not to skip it.

    Also, I added a Forum page (link is at the top of the site) for anyone interested in that type of thing. I'll do a formal announcement-type post for it soon.

    Votes over at Top Web Fiction would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, folks.

  2. Greetings, Mr. Frost. I tried my best to pace myself, but all too soon I seem to have caught up. As per a question I saw you ask previously, I found my way here through a link at the bottom of Furthia High, but what actually made me click on the link was the way that the banner was *worded*. I don't recall the first three things listed, but it was something about life, death, powers, "and... crippling social anxiety?" It was the last part that REALLY piqued my curiosity, and ultimately sucked away three would-have-been-restful nights' sleep.

    I absolutely loved Worm, and I absolutely love The Zombie Knight. I've even told my friends about it. I think that the way you publish a page or more every day, while 'bite-sized' as you put it, is a very refreshing way to read a story. As a side note, the way that i am following your story is by having added it in Comic Rocket. Very convenient, that app.

    I look forward to reading your story for years to come, one day at a time!

  3. That's awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying. And particular thanks for the recommendation. I greatly appreciate it. :)

  4. Daniel Watamerikonsu CanallaOctober 24, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    "it didn’t have nearly enough -attitude- to achieve its terminal velocity."
    Silly iron, you ain't cool enough

  5. Aha, fixed, thank you.

    And remember kids, having an attitude doesn't make you cool. It just makes people not like you. THE MORE YOU KNOW, MOTHERFUCKER. :)

  6. Just recently caught up and I really like it.
    I think it was really wise to put an add for this on paradox space as at the time the fan-base of homestuck was collectively looking for something to occupy their time.

    I look forward to the rest of the story.

  7. I never did mention where I came from. I found your banner on some other webcomic, can't remember which one except that I'm pretty sure I still read it. What got me to click it was the way the skull (Garovel?) has that expression with the one raised "eyebrow."

  8. I Love this story so much!

    I actually found it in the beginning on chat site called Omegle and was just so bored at the time that I clicked it, expecting to find something boring about a rotting zombie that carries around a sword and eats brains, I've never been so wrong and so happy to be wrong!

  9. Ah! This story is too good! Just caught up after finding it two days ago... Effectively ruining any plans I had made prior as I was too engrossed to do anything else. Great story so far, and I look forward to reading more!

  10. "which seemed to [be] reacting with and corroding the glass"
    The "be" is missing.
    "sent them reeling into vehicles and buildings, even past right Hector."
    Should be "right past".

  11. Ah, thanks for the info. Glad you're enjoying.