Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Page 1168

Emiliana would have liked to protest, but she knew there was no point in it. Slowly, she removed her mask. The sunlight on her face was much more unsettling than she remembered. It felt almost irritating against her skin, but that was probably just psychological, she figured.

Gohvis’ crimson glare lingered on her.

She grew more uncomfortable by the second. “What do you want from me?” she said, sounding a bit angrier than even she’d anticipated. “Just tell me, already.”

The Monster spared a glance in Ibai’s direction before returning to Emiliana. “I am a collector of our kind.”

Emiliana didn’t buy that. “...So I am some sort of toy to you? You certainly went through a lot of trouble in order to collect me. Going against your own comrades.”

“Comrades is a strong word.”

She could feel the air growing heavier. The Monster’s doing? It didn’t matter. Right now, she only wanted answers. “I heard what Ivan said. Is it true? Are you and I related somehow?”

Gohvis just stared at her.

How annoying. “If you are, then just say so. Don’t play these games. I will find out one way or another. I promise you.” Her mind was far too calm, she was sure. Far too confident. This wasn’t how you were supposed to talk to someone like Gohvis.

But right now, she didn’t care. For some reason, she wasn’t afraid of him. Well, no, she was. She was very afraid of him. It was more like... the fear she felt couldn’t touch her thoughts, couldn’t hinder her concentration. If anything, it seemed to be helping her focus.

“Misinformation has all but destroyed your family,” said Gohvis. “You have the Vanguard to thank for that. I am not an Elroy. I am not a Rainlord. I never have been.”

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