Sunday, January 10, 2016

Page 1161

Ibai didn’t realize what the girl had done until it was too late. They teleported away, leaving Shenado and the children behind.

Ibai’s first impulse was to go back for them. But when he saw the Monster still following, he understood. So he fled into another teleport, pulling only Emiliana and Chergoa along.

Soon, he stopped even paying attention to where they ended up after each jump. He only watched the void for guidance--the souls suspended in it, the ethereal surfaces of buildings and of the ground, of the planet itself. He had to minimize the delay between teleports as much as possible if they were to have any hope of escaping.

Faster, faster, and faster still. He tried not to worry too much about the fact that it didn’t seem to be working, that the unrelenting soul actually seemed to be getting slightly closer after each jump.

And then Ibai felt a giant hand around his neck. Everything had stopped moving, he realized. His muddy shadow dispersed, revealing the jet black dragon-man in front of him. Chergoa was already in Gohvis’ other hand.


This was unfortunate.

Ibai wanted to say something, but the Monster’s grip on his throat wasn’t allowing it.

“Please stop,” said Emiliana, sounding exceptionally calm, given the circumstances. “I’ll go with you quietly, if that’s what you want. Just don’t hurt him. He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

To be honest, Ibai was a bit surprised to hear her come to his defense like this.

The Monster locked gazes with Ibai.

Never had the aberration seen such demonic eyes. He’d never really believed it was possible to stare into someone’s soul, but with the way Gohvis was looking at him, he was beginning to have doubts.

In fact, he was starting to think it might be possible to look at someone to death.

After a few more moments of flirting with oblivion, the Monster’s huge hand loosened slightly.

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