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Page 1166 -- CXXXI.

Ibai looked around, searching for any kind of clue about where Gohvis had brought them. The sand and barren desert had been replaced by craggy rocks and equally barren highlands. A steep valley lay ahead, and Ibai could see its narrow central path branching off in a dozen different directions, seemingly offering a variety of routes up to higher ground.

Ibai felt his feet touch ground as Gohvis plopped him down.

“Flee now, if you want,” said Gohvis with his two voices. “I will not chase you.”

Well, now Ibai didn’t feel like it. He was much more interested in learning what Gohvis wanted with the Elroy girl. He’d been more interested in that all along, though admittedly, it had slipped his mind a bit when boredom reared its ugly head.

Ibai wasn’t sure if he should say any of that, though. So far, the Monster didn’t seem to appreciate talking very much. More information gathering was required first, Ibai felt. So he just kind of stood there, waiting.

Gohvis didn’t seem to like that, either. “I will not give you this opportunity again. If you do not leave now, then you will be staying with me indefinitely.”

Ibai shrugged. “Okay.”

“Make me chase you one more time, and I will not bother capturing you alive.”

Ibai felt shivers run down the length of his body.

Huh. Weird.

“I understand,” said Ibai. “So what do you want with her, anyway?”

Gohvis’ tail finally set Emiliana down. Rather than answering Ibai’s question, however, he held Chergoa near the girl’s limp body. “Revive her.”

The reaper hesitated but did as she was told.

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-One: ‘The Monster of the East...’
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Emiliana coughed from behind her mask, making her own hot breath splash back onto her face as her eyes slid open. Slowly, she rolled over and sat up.

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